The Magician and the whore

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If i was creative i could think of so many funny jokes for these pix. The goth looking magician and the fake blond + plastic body. So many jokes…

Criss Angel still banging Britney

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Couldn’t Criss Angel aim higher? I mean Britney, come on he could probably do better then that. Jessica Simpson is single right?
Criss Angel still banging Britney2Criss Angel still banging Britney4Criss Angel still banging Britney3Criss Angel still banging Britney5Criss Angel still banging Britney8Criss Angel still banging Britney6

Britney with Criss Angel again

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You should see the magic trick they can do, i don’t wanna ruin it but it’s called “Watch the cocaine disappear”
Britney with Criss Angel again10Britney with Criss Angel again6Britney with Criss Angel again4Britney with Criss Angel again3Britney with Criss Angel again9Britney with Criss Angel again7

Criss Angel’s wife wants a divorce

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Criss Angel’s wife says the magic has gone from their marriage and she now wants to make him vanish from her life.
Angel, known for his “Mindfreak” show on the A&E network, subdued his sometimes flashy look for a court hearing Friday. But he flashed a bit of humor during a break, gesturing toward his estranged wife’s lawyer and saying, “I can make him disappear.”
Angel, whose real name is Christopher Sarantakos, and his wife, Joanne, 37, married five years ago, after a decade of dating, according to her lawyer, Dominic Barbara. But the magician kept his marriage quiet and then deserted his wife as he became famous and hasn’t given her “a cent” of his millions, Barbara said.