Courtney Love is addicted to being perfect

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Courtney Love stated she wants her looks to be perfection.

She writes, “I see these pics and something must be wrong with me ‘cos I know what I weigh and I still don’t feel quite thin enough. I’m going to go for 10 more pounds and then I’ll maintain at that.

”I’m doing weight training and Pilates and more tough stuff so I can tone more. You lose this much weight and get saggy skin and I’m in no mood for saggy anything, thank you very much.”

However, Love claims she’s no longer obsessed with a “perfect” body any more.

She explains, “Addiction to the idea of ‘perfection’ has infested my life in the past and I’m over it. It’s never, thank God, infected my music but it has affected my outward appearance and self-esteem.”

Talk about a lifetime dream that has no chance of happening. No woman on this planet is perfect but when some of them put their whore paint on they look damn near close.

Courtney denies Gastric band

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Courtney Love has denied having Gastric Band surgery to lose weight.

A source told PageSix, “She’s telling people she got the gastric band surgery. She even said she had to sleep with a towel by her because the surgery makes her (vomit) all the time and is worried she won’t be able to make out with anyone because of her breath.”

But a representative for Love has rubbished the reports, maintaining her drastic weight loss is down to her macrobiotic diet and yoga exercises.

He says, “Not true. She says she never got surgery.”

I would be shocked if Courtney didn’t have surgery to lose the weight. I can picture Courtney smiling trying to look cute like Britney in the 90′s denying she had breast implants, meanwhile her stomach looks just like Tara Reid’s. Did you also know Michael Jackson only had plastic surgery 3 times? Why lie about it? I guess she doesn’t want to disappoint her young preteen fans.

Courtney Love back in bikini

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What do you think was it really just dieting and yoga?
Courtney Love back in bikini5Courtney Love back in bikini4Courtney Love back in bikini

Courtney Love explains weight loss

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Courtney stated she lost 44 pounds in four months and she’s not suffering from anorexia.
The former Hole star was photographed in a fetching bikini while vacationing and, in a new website posting, Love claims she’s not done losing weight yet.Writing on her own site,, Love explains she has “six more maybe 11 more to go”.

The singer/actress’ representative claims Love’s drastic weight loss is the result of careful dieting and yoga.

A representative tells Us Weekly magazine the rocker is following a macrobiotic diet, eating lots of vegetables and fish, and doing yoga and exercise to meet her weight loss goals.

That is not sexy! If you turn to the side and disappear that’s not hot, but it is a fun game to play with the paparazzi.

Paula Being Replaced by Courtney Love?

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Simon, Paula, Randy and … Courtney??? Hold on to your remotes, Idolites, because legendary rock idol Courtney Love tells exclusively that American Idol wants her!Love reveals to her favorite magazine Web site that Idol‘s executive producer Nigel Lythgoe called her office last week inquiring into whether she would be interested in sitting in as a judge on the hit FOX show.Read the crazy story here

Kurt Cobain movie coming soon?

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Former Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain may finally be immortalised on screen with permission from Cobain’s ex Courtney Love.Although the project is in ‘embryonic stage’ Love is in talks with ‘Heavier Than Heaven’ author Charles Cross who wrote a biography of the late singer. There are pipe line talks of transferring the book onto the big screen in the future.

Read the story here

Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine

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Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine
Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine7Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine6Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine5Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine4Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine3Courtney Love Naked In Pop Magazine2

Courtney Love really is clean?

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Courtney Love clean
Courtney Love clean4Courtney Love clean3Courtney Love clean2