OMG’erz Conan is a God!

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Conan O’ Brien is leaving NBC in such a great way. On Wednesday’s (I think?) show Conan brought a $1.5 million car out in one of the dumbest sketches ever. The point? NBC just spent $1.5 million for a dumb dumb TV moment. This is so great, tonight is the last show guys. Make it great!

Conan’s last show is Friday?

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It’s rumored that Friday will be Conan’s last show as host of The Tonight’s Show.

Conan O’Brien all but posted a farewell banner on this week’s Tonight shows as his exit negotiations with NBC neared their conclusion.

Hinting that he’s bracing for the bitter end of his brief tenure at Tonight, he said in one of his show monologues: “Hi, I’m Conan O’Brien, and I’m just three days away from the biggest drinking binge in history.”

Conan took over from host Jay Leno less than eight months ago.

His guests this week include big names such as as Robin Williams, Barry Manilow, Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell – in what could be a star-studded farewell for the comedian.”

How exciting has the show been in the past 2 weeks? Hopefully we get Conan back on TV very soon and the world will be right again.

Leno talks Late Night

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Jay Leno responded to the whole Late Night mess last night on his TV show. I don’t blame Jay as much anymore since he laid it out pretty simple but I don’t like him so I’ll blame him anyway. NBC really did screw both Leno and Conan, it would have been cheaper to just keep Leno at 11:35 and let Conan go if he wanted to. I love Conan, he’s my favorite but Jesus Christ at the money they lost because of this.

Team CoCo mutha-eff’ers!

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How exciting is the Late-night wars? It’s so awesome hearing Conan O’ Brien constantly bashing the network that he works for…for now. How can you not be on Team CoCo? I want my Team CoCo t-shirt before this whole drama ends. Leno, what a douche.

Kimmel pwned Leno

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This is almost painful to watch. Last night Jimmy Kimmel appeared on Jay Leno’s show last night to do a skit and greatness occurred in the process. What the hell is wrong with NBC? Wouldn’t it be funny if Conan and Leno both left NBC? Seeing how Jay Leno likes to hide in closets and all that gay stuff something tells me he sucked off Jeff Zucker to get the job back.

Conan talks about the fall

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Conan O’ Brien spoke out about the the nasty fall he had last week that caused his show to be called off Friday. Thank goodness Conan is alright. If i can’t be in the Cone Zone every night then what’s the point of life? Keep cool my babies!

CoCo reviews the Latest Sweet Tweets!!!!

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I was nearly on the floor laughing at this. Here’s Conan O’ Brien’s latest skit from The Tonight’s Show. I’m really glad Conan didn’t change completely when he took over, i’m totally still in the Cone zone.

Edit: Anybody got a working link to the video? All of them have been taken down.

Conan is the man

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The funniest guy on late night TV Conan O’Brien has promised to cover nonstriking staffers salaries next week, an NBC spokeswoman said Thursday.
I cannot wait until 2009. Leno out Conan in. Preparation H Raymond and the Masturbating Bear better come with him too!