Colin Farrell danced naked

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Colin Farrell admitted in a recent interview that he danced nude for Salma Hayek to ease her nerves. Why didn’t i think of that?

The pair had to film an awkward nude scene while making 2006 film Ask The Dust, in which they played lovers.

At the time it was reported that Farrell performed a naked ballet dance to ease the tension, but the actor corrected this rumour.

“The naked part is true, but it wasn’t ballet; it was a different dance,” he said.

Is it really that easy? When i do that i get put in cuffs (And not the good kind) and hauled off to jail cause according to the police it’s “Illegal” to strip naked in a Chucky Cheese for your girlfriend. Now that i think about it i probably did go too far with the Whip Cream.

Colin Farrell is the nicest celebrity EVER

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According to the Toronto Sun Actor Colin Farrell met a homeless man in Yorkville, took him shopping and spent over $2,000 on anything he wanted in a clothing store. That’s not the crazy part. Colin Farrell asked for the nearest bank machine and arranged to pay the guys rent on a place for a year.

Colin Farrell causes suicide

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An ex-boyfriend of the actor’s current flame Muireann McDonnell killed himself two months after she began dating the actor, according to a report in The Sun.

John Marc Knight, a 22-year-old barman, had started dating again but struggled to cope when McDonnell began her relationship with the high profile star.

McDonnell, 21, met Farrell, 30, at a Dublin bar during the Christmas period after she and Knight had split.

A friend of Knight’s told the paper: “They must have hit it off immediately. They began to go out. John was devastated.”

Another source said: “He struggled to cope with her seeing somebody else. The fact it was Colin Farrell must have made matters worse. As time passed things got worse for John.”

McDonnell was said to be devastated when she heard the news her former boyfriend had been found dead in his home.

If the guy would of waited 2-3 months Colin would of moved on to the next thing with a vagina. There is no woman on this planet that could make me Cobain myself, well i tried one time because my ex girlfriend started dating Lance Bass but i only ended up with a migraine headache (freckin’ bb gun) and she turned a guy gay, so i think were even.