CoCo Austin really enjoys tight clothing to show off her curves

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CoCo only shows up wearing this tight ass clothing in hopes some one will actually give her a role in something, anything, movie, tv show, porn. Doesn’t matter, she’s as desperate as Paris Hilton is right now to get a feature in something.

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Coco looking bootyful on her Bikini Bike ride in New Jersey

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Not sure if this was actually a photoshoot or she just decided to bring along a camera guy to take what appears to be a pin up style photoshoot. Either way, Coco definitely has a really nice body. She actually has some meat on her bones, unlike a lot of these girls in Hollywood who look like a walking bag of bones. Can’t hate.

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Ice T’s Wife CoCo has no problem showing her Curves

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Ice T certainly has no problem with the world knowing how curvaceous his wifey is. She does have more curves then the Englishdictionaryhas words. I’m ASSuming when you have curves like this you have to get custom made bikini’s to fit you. If so, the seamstress needs an award, because it fits perfectly. Ice T’s stern ‘this is mine’ face says it all.

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And And Twins!!!

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CoCo and her sister took to Twitter to show off some booty. Now It’s a fact that CoCo has the best Twitter in the world and saying the word Twitter makes me feel like I need penis on and around my lips. Anywho I also added a video of CoCo and her sister on Ustream (below) from a few months ago, in the vlog they show some skin and also kiss in the end. They kiss for like a half a second so it’s frustrating to keep fapping and scrolling back to watch it. It’s like watching internet porn in the late 90′s on dial-up and those 10 second preview clips. Ahhh Sublimedirectory you taught me well.

CoCo updates Twitter!!!

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Thank goodness CoCo updated her Twitter with some pictures. I learned a new fact about CoCo, i did not know she had a tongue ring. How lucky is Ice-T seriously? It pisses me off how lucky he is. She’s like the perfect girl. When she talks she isn’t annoying, oh and her body is ridiculous. I never met a girl with those two things going for her. If she isn’t annoying and can clean my house perfectly i would even take that…I’m desperate.

Twitter is also sum biatches

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CoCo posted the above picture on her Twitter and the gey’s at Twitter deleted the picture because it was too “racy.” What the hell? Doesn’t porn stars post nude pictures on Twitter all the time? I thought you could post fully nude pix on Twitter if you wanted?

My two favorite Twitters

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Adrianne Curry and CoCo posted new pix on their Twitter. I catch crap from my friends for talking about Twitter and sure i cry about it but i can come home and enjoy CoCo’s boobs so who’s the loser now? Adrianne Curry also posted a new topless picture on her Twitter. Well it’s not topless, you get the point. So who has the best Twitter? I’m going with CoCo…for now.

CoCo gets naked for Twitter

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CoCo posted a picture of her showing off her sweet sweet body. CoCo is the perfect celebrity to me. She doesn’t whore herself out for attention on every TV show, she gets naked on Twitter and does photoshoots. These little whores need to take notes and by notes i mean notes of that booty and get injections and later die from complications.

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