Cindy Crawford being seductive with a ice cream cone

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How old is Cindy Crawford? Holy shit! Does she even age or is she yet another one of those models that seem to have a life of hotness and then suddenly one day you see them and you wonder wtf happened. Perhaps its that skin product she sells late night on that ridiculously annoying infomercial. Shit might actually work.

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Cindy Crawford is naked. Don’t sue me

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I found some new pix of Cindy Crawford in Allure magazine posing naked in only foam. Ever since i’ve been doing this site everytime i post Cindy Crawford pix i get a letter from a lawyer threatening to sue me if i don’t remove them, don’t they know it’s 2009 people just aren’t that into Cindy Crawford anymore? Now if she’s bending over taking it from Heidi Klum who’s wearing a strap-on people might be interested just because Heidi Klum is involved. Anywho Enjoy the pix anyway.…

Awww that’s a shame

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That’s 42 year old Cindy Crawford. At 42 years old should you lose your looks that quickly especially when your a Supermodel? It sucks when Celebrities age like the hot older chick you nailed after meeting her at Wal-mart only realizing later she’s one of your mom’s friends.

Cindy Crawford has huge boobies

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When did this happen? I’ve talked alot of crap about Cindy but she looks flipping amazing here, like she’s walking on the runway or something.

Cindy Crawford huge boobs2Cindy Crawford huge boobs3Cindy Crawford huge boobs4

TC gets around the net

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