UK Boyband ‘The Wanted’ calls a Christina Aguilera a ‘Total Bitch’ after The Voice meeting

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Considering she acts like a bitch on the show, and in a lot of her interviews it really comes as no surprise she acts a bit bitchy with other people. Luckily she has singing talent. But minus the make up and thousands of dollars in help to make her look decent, she’s busted AND bitchy!

Christina Aguilera Dominatrix Photoshoot for DT Spain

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Christina Aguilera has never been one who is shy of showing off her body, some times to much of her body, well more then some times. A lot of the time she shows off more then some people really wanted to see.Christina Aguilera is really an attention whore who actually does have a real talent, unlike the Kardashian’s or Paris Hilton. How ever, she seems to think way more highly of herself than she should, like doing this assortment of pictures knowing damn well she had them photoshopped to all hell. She isn’t fooling any one.

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It’s too small. That’s what she said

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Here’s a new promo picture for Christina Aguilera’s latest album. I’m sorry the picture is so tiny, that’s all that’s out there right now. Is this picture sexy or not because i can’t tell. Christina reminds me of those solo girl porn stars that take years to go naked and when they finally do it’s like who cares at this point? Christina dropped the ball with Dirrty. I was waiting on some sort of Sex Tape and now she comes back after having a baby? No thanks, a baby came out of there and vagina’s are weird enough.

GQ tricked us

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Christina Aguilera posed “nude” for the cover of GQ magazine and my first thoughts were SWEET maybe she’ll do what she did in FHM years ago. Sadly the pictures inside are pretty old. I thought the whole naked covering thing was over with? Hey Christina, Lady GaGa doesn’t mind going naked in her photoshoot, I think you should rip her off on that too. Kidding I’m sure her freaky body is better anyway. *Ends frustrating reverse psychology*

Take the penis out…no homo

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Christina Aguilera attended that penis show that got famous a few years ago where the guys do weird things to their penises on stage. You should see the trick i can do with mine. I start out by getting you super drunk..I don’t want to ruin the ending but I’ll say you wake up with crust around your mouth. The parting gift? Herpes of course.

Yay! Christina is back

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Here’s some new pix of Christina Aguilera posing in the new issue of Marie Claire magazine. I’m so glad she got rid of all that makeup, it looked ratarded. If i wanted to bang a whore with tons of makeup i would of found the nearest hot chick that turns out to be a Tranny. Those friggin’ Tranny’s are very convincing. The tuck job they do is something amazing.


Christina looks great

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Finally Christina Aguilera lost all that Tranny makeup and looks decent for a change. Less is more Christina, i mean your clothes…take them off..and lick your lips. This should show women that all that gay makeup is too much, all natural is so sexy. Well not all natural. Some of you whores should have some makeup tattooed on your face.


This Clown sad!

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Christina Aguilera performed last night at the concert for Haiti. I haven’t seen alot of pix of Christina lately and i was hoping that she dropped the clown look but sadly that is not the case. I wonder in the bedroom does she bring in the big red shoes too? I can’t imagine the crazy stuff she can do with her hands.