Dude just jam it in and stop being gay

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WILL.I.AM is doing nothing to quash rumours he’s got a thing for Cheryl Cole, saying he thinks it would be “crazy” to cheat on the Geordie beauty.

Will.i.am has already branded Ashley Cole “stupid” for allegedly doing the dirty with several other women behind Cheryl Cole’s
back, but now he’s showing his love for her AGAIN by admitting she’s the “most beautiful girl in the world.”
Gushing over his protegee, he said: “I just still can’t believe Cheryl was ever cheated on.

“I mean, what has to be going through your head to cheat on Cheryl?

“She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Once you have her, a man can’t do any better. It’s just crazy.”

I have to admit getting on girls good side is frustrating so you have to kiss her ass for a little while, I’m kidding eff that. I’ve learned in life you never tell a girl how great she is. You show everybody how great you are and act like you could care less about her. Stop kissing her ass Willie, it makes you look really lame. Now excuse me i have to meet a female friend for lunch and have another female friend interrupt us to confirm our movie night tonight.

Awww bash the ex-husband

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Cheryl Cole is now bashing her ex-husband to the media. How sad is that? Thankfully I’m not famous. TC?….He laughed when my parents died in a fire and tried to finger-bang me at the funeral!

He couldn’t even cook toast,’ says the Girls Aloud star, 26.

Cheryl admits she’s no better and prefers to order in.

‘I like the people that bring the food to the door,’ she tells OK!

Cheryl announced her split from Ashley last week following allegations he cheated on her.

Women are some evil people. The worst one’s will befriend your friends just to keep up with what your doing. I like stalkers and all but when i check my mail at 3am a car speeding off isn’t something that i like to see, especially when it’s in my front yard and they eff my grass up…Good one whore, now I’m proud about the whole funeral thing.

Perfect just perfect

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Cheryl Cole can you get more perfect than this girl? Look at that face. I don’t want to sound creepy or anything but i’d like to pop one off in her dimples, awww she’s so purrty dang it. There has to be something wrong with her. She either has a penis or no nipples.

The perfect looking girl

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Cheryl Tweedy is criminally underrated on Celebrity Gossip sites. I know nothing about her, thanks to Wikipedia i know she’s English (of course) and a part of the pop group Girls Aloud. I don’t wanna know what she looks like without all that makeup cause i know those dimples will be the only sexy thing on her.

How England chicks sell records

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See how the English hotties like Cheryl Tweedy do it to sell records? I’m not gonna bash our whores cause a few have picked this up, i’m just waiting for them to hold contest, like a Willy Wonka thing but instead of visiting a awesome factory you get to gangbang her.