Denise Richards is fu*king crazy

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Crazy ass “actress” Denise Richards has told the FBI that Charlie Sheen likes to look at child porn which Charlie has denied saying the FBI looked at every computer he owned and got them back two weeks later, never hearing anything back from them.

She also provided the courts with printouts of porn sites he has allegedly visited.

But a furious Sheen has slammed these claims.

He said: “The FBI was aware of these issues.

“I provided them with every computer I owned. The computers were returned two weeks later. Haven’t heard from them since. Period. The end.”

Sheen claims Richards filed “not a single complaint” about the welfare of the pair’s daughters – SAM, 3, and LOLA, 2, – until he asked to pick his own nannies.

He goes on: “I have asked that the court eliminate Ms. Richard’s ability to abuse and harass us any longer.

“One can only imagine what we’ve withstood thus far.

Sure Charlie had a wild past but it seems like he has calmed down alot. Denise needs to be put in a room with padded walls.

Denise Richards is really crazy

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Charlie Sheen claims that ex wife wants him to father her third child

“There was a request for a donation,” Sheen tells syndicated TV show “Entertainment Tonight” in an interview that was to air Tuesday night. “Without getting into it here … there is a specific document relating to this that I am going to reserve for a court.”

When asked if he would ever consider such a possibility, the 41-year-old actor says: “I would sooner, in exactly what I’m wearing, walk on the surface of the moon. Does that answer it?”

A spokeswoman for Richards, 36, wasn’t immediately available for comment.