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It’s been a while since we had a celebrity upskirt, after-all upskirts are sooooo 2008. Wow we’ve had some crazy upskirts in the past 2 years. Remember when Britney Spears would show us her yummy yummy at least 3 times a week? Then Lindsay Lohan came along and took over for about a month. I kinda miss celebrity vag sometimes. Anywho here’s Katy Perry with her upskirt.

Holy shiite she scared the crap outta me

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Vanessa Hudgens flashing her thong

Lindsay Lohan new topless pix

Every celebrity Sex Tape…ever (NSFW)

Sexiest Newscaster Melissa Theuriau Topless

Rapper Eve sex tape (NSFW)

Kim Kardashian posing for her new calendar

Fergie is almost nude

Christina Aguilera flashing the camera

Shauna Sand was caught in a upskirt moment. I’m sure this is a nightly thing for her and seeing how i have no idea who she is i could care less if she joins Paris Hilton in the weekly gangbang the homeless event they do. I don’t know about you but that’s all the motivation i need not to be homeless.

Guess the almost upskirt

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Who almost had an upskirt in a very short skirt? Looking at the picture shouldn’t be that hard to see who it is so you bitches get no hints!

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Paris Hilton upskirt

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Dita Von Teese goes nude (NSFW)

AnnaLynne McCord boob pops out

Miley Cyrus in private pix

Jordan full sex tape (NSFW)

Angelina Jolie and a horse WTF?

Hilary Duff slutty in Maxim

Eva Longoria Does the Upskirt Flash

Aubrey ODays leaked Iphone Pix

Anna Lynn McCord (From 90210 boob slip

Vanessa Hudgens Flashing ass

Heidi Klum topless for Arena magazine

Look a new Paris Hilton upskirt! Why is this newsworthy anymore? That’s like catching a nun at Church or Michael Jackson at a playground or DMX in court. I think it’s bizarre when Paris isn’t lifting her dress up showing the camera what it’s like to have an STD. It’s educational kids, when you sleep with 100′s of people it’s painful to pee and those sores take a while to go away.

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Attention whore ALERT

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It’s Monica Cruz! The sister of Penelope Cruz, there was rumors that she and her sister made out with each other in her brother’s latest music video. Of course that rumor was false it was Penelope and another actress not her sister. Isn’t it still kinda creepy having your sister making out with a chick while your singing a love song holding a guitar? Gotta sell records i guess. I was hoping they would bring in the family dog and perform The Aristocrats joke.

Holy Shizz Amanda Bynes got hot!

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When in the hell did this happen? Shouldn’t a memo went around or something? If it did i know i never got it. Amanda Bynes is seriously looking bangable here, does she always look like this cause i’m confused. I remember she had a show when she was like 10 trying to be funny and i thought she was the nerdy chick. Oh snap upskirt in the third picture! Yeah i’ve never talked to a girl before so i’m totally erect at the moment.

Jodie proves the whoreness

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Alot of these whores always walk around dressing in barely anything and flashing some vag but Jodie Marsh takes it to a whole notha level. This whore plays with random dudes cacks out in public, beat that American skanks!

Guess the upskirt

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Who’s ass does that belong too? Hint? She recently did a concert for Good Morning America and got horrible reviews for it. Going Country just isn’t working. Keep reading for the answer

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