CoCo updates Twitter!!!

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Thank goodness CoCo updated her Twitter with some pictures. I learned a new fact about CoCo, i did not know she had a tongue ring. How lucky is Ice-T seriously? It pisses me off how lucky he is. She’s like the perfect girl. When she talks she isn’t annoying, oh and her body is ridiculous. I never met a girl with those two things going for her. If she isn’t annoying and can clean my house perfectly i would even take that…I’m desperate.

Makeup should be legally required

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Do guys really want to see girls without makeup on? Here’s Britney Spears without her makeup. I’m against my girlfriend not wearing makeup around me, if she does i pretend not to know her until she puts it on. My girl suppose to look perfect 24/7 even when she sleeps. If i wake-up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and her makeup is smeared in her sleep I’m totally disgusted.


When Kim seen my d!ck she was like…

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Oh come on that was too easy right? Well that is a true story until her boyfriend Reggie Bush caught us in the movie theater. He was all i’m about to kick your ass! And i’m like dude keep it down can she at least finish first? What? I like watching people eat ice cream dang. Is that a crime?

Ok Angelina whatever

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Your hot why are you trying to rip somebody else off? Anywho porn star looking actress Megan Fox recently did a spread for GQ and gave an interview talking about her relationship with a female stripper, yeah she’s bi *yawn*

Hollywood hottie Megan Fox isn’t afraid to add a little heat to her already smoldering image. The “Transformers” star dishes to this month’s GQ about a former relationship with a stripper — a female stripper. The 22-year-old, who has often been compared to femme fatale Angelina Jolie, told the men’s magazine that when she was 18, she was in love with a female Russian stripper.

Isn’t this getting old to anyone? When she starts saying she cuts herself during sex i’m gonna throw a hissy fit. Be yourself Jenna Megan.

I get it, it’s like a penis

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It’s amazing Pamela Anderson is around 55 years old and can still make guys pop a tent. I’ll admit this photo is pretty hot. Then again you can throw some airbrushing on Berry White and i’m sure it’ll come out the same way. That bitch would be fyne!

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Miley needs to calm down

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Can somebody throw a bucket of water or something on Miley Cyrus so she can calm her ass down a little? She’s a innocent minor so i’m not calling her a whore or nothing……no i’m not….no…..uhhh no.

Cause she’s horny

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Avril Lavigne really got into the microphone on stage recently. It might look in a odd way sexy, but be careful where you put your tongue Avril just ask Hayden Panettiere (pic)

At least she’s wearing a bra

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I can’t get over those lips. Hopefully by the time Britney Spears turns 30 she doesn’t look like Joan Rivers. Yeah you lick that shake you whore.