Lindsay back to drinking. Sweet!

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According to US weekly Lindsay Lohan is back to clubbing and drinking just days after appearing on the MTV VMA’s which i didn’t watch because my IQ is above 45.

“It’s the same old cycle of lying and denials,” says Us Weekly‘s source. “She’s telling everyone she didn’t go out. We’re like, ‘Lindsay, people saw you there!’”

Another clubgoer tells the magazine that they saw Lohan, but “it looked like didn’t want to be noticed.”

The image of post-rehab Lindsay Lohan slinking into clubs in the wee hours and trying “not be noticed” is, frankly, a little pathetic. But let’s cut her a little slack for a change: Lindsay Lohan is, and has always been, a scenester. Dressing up and club-hopping is what she does for fun, and we can’t expect her to swap that for crochet and watercolors just because she’s on the wagon.

Is this really shocking? Lindsay is a normal person. Most of the people in this world do not change, it’s that simple. So is she still doing Inferno or not?

Can Lindsay make a comeback?

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What a lame title and that’s all i hear when people talk about Lindsay Lohan. Who really cares? All i care about is Lindsay filming Inferno and her continuing to dress like this. Lindsay reminds me of all the busted girls out there that have a pretty hot body but do so much damage to it that if i touched the body i would be bathing in Purell before heading to the Clinic extremely paranoid. And take it from me that Clinic visit is pure hell. Anywho i got hope for Lindsay, i think she could have some sort of career if she stays away from that Lindsay Lohan.


Yum yum yummersville

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It’s a lame title i know. I googled Yummersville and it’s actually a town somewhere, don’t ask me where because i have ADD and i exited it out because i forgot why i was there. Anywho Lucy Pinder should move to Yummersville because she is yummy…? Whatever i can’t focus looking at these pictures. Here’s a preview of Lucy in the upcoming Nuts magazine. I’m always saying great things about Nuts, i love them (ha zing.) Is Maxim considered our Nuts magazine minus the nudity? I have never bought a Maxim or FHM or any of those magazine. I would feel embarrassed because you know why people buy it. Yeah Carmen Electra is wet on the cover sucking a Popsicle and i want to know how to get the proper abs.

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It’s Beyonce

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I came across some new Beyonce pictures with her forgetting her bra. I always say that in a sarcastic way but in this case I’m sure she really did. I never got the Beyonce obsession most people have, I’m into black girls just not her. You can tell when she’s on TV all whore makeup’d up that she doesn’t look great when she wakes up in the morning. Nothing worse than a hot girl that looks disgusting while your kicking her out of your house in the morning.

Jessica isn’t fat right now

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I don’t think Jessica Simpson is as overweight as i first thought. Maybe I’m thinking that way right now because her boobs are all out and i really haven’t paid much attention to the rest of her body. I can’t help it, I’m a booby man. Is there anything greater than laying in bed and giggling and slapping them around? No the answer is no, there is nothing greater.

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpsonjessicasmile4Jessica Simpson

Your ugly and your mom should have aborted you

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I’m not talking about Tila Tequila, I’m talking about you…Kidding I love you. Did anyone hear Tila on Howard Stern yesterday? Jesus Christ getting shanked on the cross that was a horrible interview in every way possible. So she’s no longer pregnant anymore? What’s next? My money is on her pulling an Anne Heche and trying to get the people together to board the spaceship.

And and….Twins!

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Am i crazy or does Shania Twain and Olivia Munn look like Twins? I’m more into Olivia so i totally posted her head on the above picture which doesn’t really make sense because Olivia has more revealing pictures out there.


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Haylie Duff’s boobs look really weird in that shirt, either that or I’ve never seen breasts in person and I’m not telling my shameful secret. Seriously doesn’t that look a little bizarre? It reminds me of when i was a kid and would put things in my shirt and pretended i have boobs to tease the older men at the local bar. I was a slutty 8 year old boy.