Hollywood take note from Sofia Vergara

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Sofia Vergara is 39 years old folks. Hollywood should seriously take notes on how to age. The first thing that came to mind when writing that sentence is Nikki Cox, she went from THIS to THIS. I never understood the purpose of any kind of facial surgery. It never turns out well, unless your Vanessa Williams. Then again Vanessa was Miss America, later lost the crown due to hardcore lezbo pix. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Thank Satan for Makeup

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Lady GaGa appeared inHarper’s Bazaar. Lady GaGa is the perfect example why women and makeup go together like girls with low esteem and me. Girls with low self esteem is the greatest thing ever, you can cheat and tell them they just don’t trust you and it’s also simple to trick them into abortions. Anywho back to GaGa, She can look somewhat normal when she wears makeup and why all the tattoos? Is there anything moreunattractivethan a girl with a tattoo on her arm or hand? No the answer is no.

30 Rock? More like 30 boners

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I’m so far behind on everything going on, who is Katrina Bowden? When i first seen these pix I thought it was Julie Bowen (Happy Gilmore chick.) Anywho I got bummed out it wasn’t Julie. I read Wikipedia and it said Katrina Bowden has a part on 30 Rock, good for her. Speaking of Julie Bowen check out herbreastfeeding her twins and don’t look at these pix in a sexual way you perv, breastfeeding is anatural thing. If your mom breastfeed you maybe you wouldn’t be on this sitewith your hand in your pants. Here’s Katrina Bowden who has a part on 30 Rock…Enjoy!

Ewww Airbrushing

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FOR PR.indd

So Mariah Carey finallydecidedto go topless for the first time in Life & Style magazine (Dunno them either.) I can’t tell you howdisappointedI am seeing how I’ve had a huge erection for her before I had ball hair. Just lame, first off pregnant women are in no way sexy. Secondly, there is no secondly.

Sidebar: I’ve been really busy getting screwed by companies like ePassporte and others in 2010 so Iapologize for theabsence. I’m almost back on my feet and Iappreciatethe emails. Now enough of the gay stuff, how about those sweet airbrushed boobs?

Another reason to watch Fox News

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I can’t believe Fox News allowed one of their anchors to pose for GQ magazine but I would love to thank Rupert Murdoch by entering a glory-hole with him. Anyway the always beautiful Megyn Kelly posed for GQ magazine. I’m sure she did some sort of interview also, do you really care how she feels about President Obama? Me either, i just know I am loving the extra loving from the TSA. Handjobs are a little odd in public but he didn’t seem shy about it.

Heidi still has it. Your girl doesn’t

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For some reason Heidi Klum released a trailer (below) for her upcoming book. Pretty amazing that Heidi is 37 and popped out like 8 kids and still looks amazing. What other supermodel is still hot after being in the spotlight for this long? That’s right, there is none. Speaking of Supermodels that i beat it to whatever happened to Niki Taylor? I dropped some serious goo in 6th grade looking at her.

Click more to see the trailer you sexy P.O.S.

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She’s perfect, your not

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OK Magazine released some pictures of Hilary Duff’s wedding day. Hilary looks great and I’m happy for her. I just think 22 years old (turning 23 this month) is way too young to get married but what do i know? I’m 24 old and hate the idea of a stable girlfriend, after spending 24 hours with someone i hate them and don’t want to see them for at least a week. But congrats to the married people rolling over and seeing the same person every single day, your mom and dad wants to come eat dinner? Sure honey it’ll be fun! I would love to have a manly talk with your father about hunting and how evil that Obama is by taking our guns.

I love Nuts, no homo

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I’m done talking about how much i love Nuts magazine, i realized at this point it sounds like I’m being paid to suck their balls and I AM NOT, i assure you they don’t send me money through ePass to say nice things about them. Is that because ePass is and Visa are having problems so everything is frozen so i can’t touch any of my money? No. ePass is driving me crazy, i got bills biatches! Fix your eff’in problem. Don’t they realize I can’t pay these girls to pretend to love me until they fix their problem? Think of me and my dry penis ePass. Anywho here’s the lovely Lucy Pinder. I would buy this issue but my card doesn’t work!