I love GaGa…Pix

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Here’s Lady GaGa in Elle magazine, of course not the U.S version because in the above picture she pops a nipple out. You have to love GaGa in a weird way. She’s the most famous pop star and still not shying away about showing her body, i mean actually showing her boobs even though we don’t exactly want to see it. Praise GaGa!

Keep reading to see the uncensored picture. If your under 18 you should stop reading and do your homework. Don’t lie to me! You never finished your math homework.

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Wait…Is this real?

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Britney Spears

I was browsing around Britney Spears GIF’s and came across this GIF. Is this real? I don’t remember seeing this and it’s probably photoshopped. Even if it is I’ll still pretend it’s not and touch myself to the GIF right now as i type this. Keeping reading to see the GIF I’m talking bout’ Willis.

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Jesus Christ who is Rosie Jones?

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Could somebody please explain to me why i have never heard of Rosie Jones before? Of course she’s one of those topless UK models. Damnit! how come they got all of the hot models? They got Rosie, Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder. the United States is totally slipping on this, then again in Maxim and other Men magazine’s they can’t get topless in our version. Here if we show a nipple somebody has to be sacrificed to the almighty media.

Keep reading to see some sweet sweet NSFW boobs.

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Ahhh!! Ok i’m fine now

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Britney Spears topless backstage

Natalie Portman in a thong in a strip club

Christina Aguilera flashing during video shoot (NSFW)

Hilary Duff wet t-shirt

Tara Reid ass in a thong in bed

Adriana Lima rare nude pix (NSFW)

Rihanna topless in short shorts

Keeley Hazell huge boobs in tiny bikini

gagacupLady GaGa posted this picture on her Twitter account i believe, I’m not to sure because I don’t follow her. I’m gay enough by using Twitter myself so what’evs. Why oh why does the unattractive girls not mind going naked infront of the camera but when i find a sexy girl at the mall it turns into a “No I’m going to get naked in Foot Locker and why do you have your pants down?!?.” It’s art biatch! Anywho it’s Lady GaGa naked so take those pants down big boy and enjoy…i guess? If your into that sort of thing.

The hottest Milf around

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Heidi Klum posed in the latest issue of Allure magazine. 36 years old and still looking like she did 10 years ago, these girls out here need to take notes. Normal girls have 2 kids and add 50+ lbs and keep it on for the rest of their life. Anywho enjoy the pix because i already did.


Me love Twitter long time

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Adrianne Curry posted a new picture of her in the kitchen wearing a thong. I know Twitter is for “Fags” and “Homo’s” and “American Idol viewers” and all and I’m proud to be a Twitter user. First CoCo and now Adrianne, Twitter is becoming my favorite porn site.

I’m confused, is it sexy or not?

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Rihanna in see thru bikini

Miley Cyrus cell phone pix

Paris Hilton drunk showing ass

Hayden Panettiere lesbian kissing

Britney Spears nude outtakes (NSFW)

CoCo private bathroom pix

Christina Aguilera showing pierced nipple

Rachel Bilson stripping

Carmen Electra rare nude pix (NSFW)


Here’s some screenshots from Lady GaGa’s new video featuring Beyonce. I’ve been reading how some Church groups are upset that MTV or whatever stations that still videos are upset that they are playing this video because it promotes homosexuality. I’m a sorta fan of Lady GaGa but she tries way too hard and Beyonce is not good at doing the “GaGa” thing whatever that is. I do love that Church groups are upset though so Thumbs up for the video that I’m sure gives all the gays an instant orgasm.

Paris’ boobs for your Saturday

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It’s been a while since we have seen Paris Hilton topless which i find pretty amazing. She was the leader for all these Hollywood skanks, did she retire her crown or something? I dunno i never got the memo i guess. Anywho here’s Paris and her little boobs. I can’t lie I like her boobs, I’m not a fan of huge boobs. A tight t-shirt and a flat stomach, God i need vagina on my mouth.

Keep reading for teh boobs

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