Wait…Is this real?

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Britney Spears

I was browsing around Britney Spears GIF’s and came across this GIF. Is this real? I don’t remember seeing this and it’s probably photoshopped. Even if it is I’ll still pretend it’s not and touch myself to the GIF right now as i type this. Keeping reading to see the GIF I’m talking bout’ Willis.

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Megan Fox topless in new movie!

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Here’s a few screen shots from Megan Fox’s new movie Jennifer’s Body. I have no information about the movie and don’t feel like searching the Google for the information. Here’s what i think it’s about without doing any search and just taking a crazy guess, ok Megan Fox stars as Susan who’s a vampire and a misguided teen living in a small town told by her vampire boss that the only way she can get her life back is by giving anal sex to everybody in that small town. It’s My Best Friend is a Vampire meets Taste that Ass #72! Ok How close was I?

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You don’t have to watch the movie now

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I’ve talked a little about Hayden Panettiere’s new movie and how the studio and media is teasing the fact that omg she goes topless and she totally shows her naked back. So here’s the GIF, you welcome i just saved you from a crappy movie.

Happy New Years

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It’s 2008 now, what is there to look forward too? Lets see, a new Paris Hilton sex tape. At least 10 Britney Spears’ panty-less upskirts, 2 Lindsay Lohan rehab visits, Amy Winehouse slicing her wrist ending her life (hope not). Jamie Lynn Spears’ having a baby with her 45 year old baby daddy and Kim Kardashian’s “fame” finally going away.
Happy New Years!!!!!

Holding wine makes her feel sexy

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The “What the hell?” news of the day is here! Washed up celebrity/supermodel/future Lane Bryant spokeswoman Tyra Banks confesses that she doesn’t like wine because it taste nasty but holds the glass cause it makes her feel sexy.
You know what is sexy to me? Tyra Banks 10 years ago (pic) For tons of Tyra gif’s click here

Shakira gets dirty

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Why the wig? I’d rather see Shakira dressed like herself and dancing like a $2 hooker.
Shakira get dirty4Shakira get dirty5Shakira get dirty3Shakira get dirty6Shakira get dirty2Shakira get dirty

Christina’s boobs falling out of shirt GIF

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That is so freckin’ hot, who cares if you can almost see her insides because she’s like 30 pounds. I’d hit it but if i break any of her bones it’s not my fault.

Hayden Panettiere sexy gif

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