Ahh cover that face up!

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I apologize if you just woke up with some breakfast and decided to check out TC. Bill Eva Longoria with whatever you were eating. It can’t be easy to wake up to that every morning. It would be easy to think an old Mexican “little person” has broke into my house to steal my lucky charms.

But it was going so well!

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You know when some people look so eff’ed up all you can say is DAMN! Why oh why would Britney Spears go out looking like this? Knowing there will be 100′s of cameras following your every move.

How is she a Supermodel?

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Gisele Bundchen should inspire you ugly little awkward girls out there. You don’t have to be in any way attractive to make it as a supermodel.

Katharine McPhee is attractive

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Whoever is hitting Katharine McPhee is a lucky son of a bitch. Looking at her reminds you why you love the ladies and going gay is just crazy.

Nice outfit Lil’ Mama

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I read she’s a singer or something, what the hell is she wearing

TC gets around the net

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fergie-alien.jpg aria.jpgjessica_biel_fhm_6.jpgphobe_price_header.jpg
Fergie scares me- The Blemish
The very sexy Aria Giovanni- Weak Game
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Some woman in bikini- Drunken Stepfather
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Sweet ass on webcam- Time Killer
Asian with huge rack- Kill My Day
Hilary Swank has a great body- Yeeeah
danielle lloyd boobies are nice- Celeb Parasite
Hot Celebrity Videos- Bullz Eye
hayden-panettiere-licks-again.jpg kari-cam.jpgasian2.jpghilary_swank_bikini_2jpg.png

Denise Richards looks rough

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The saying “Cocaine is a helluva drug” comes to mind.
Denise Richards looks rough5Denise Richards looks rough3Denise Richards looks rough

Eww Melanie Griffith is old

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Actress Melanie Griffith is fighting the good fight against the signs of premature ageing – but it seems she’s thrown all the cash at her face and neglected her body.
The painfully thin actress was seen out shopping wearing a pair of white bermuda shorts, which exposed the severely wrinkled and sagging skin around her knee area.
I apologize if you were eating, if you was i doubt you are now. That shit is disgusting.