I always thought she looked odd

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Remember that singer JoJo? No not JoJo of K-Ci and JoJo who sang the awesome song All My Life that played while my horny 12 year old self made out with my little girlfriend. I mean the singer JoJo who had a hit 6 years ago. I always thought she looked odd looking and you know how you can look at a white girl and know for a fact she bangs black guys? Yeah she’s one of them. I of course have no problems with white girls banging black guys, i just wouldn’t date a girl that has. Why you say? Come on, how can i follow that?

I love Nuts, no homo

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I’m done talking about how much i love Nuts magazine, i realized at this point it sounds like I’m being paid to suck their balls and I AM NOT, i assure you they don’t send me money through ePass to say nice things about them. Is that because ePass is and Visa are having problems so everything is frozen so i can’t touch any of my money? No. ePass is driving me crazy, i got bills biatches! Fix your eff’in problem. Don’t they realize I can’t pay these girls to pretend to love me until they fix their problem? Think of me and my dry penis ePass. Anywho here’s the lovely Lucy Pinder. I would buy this issue but my card doesn’t work!

God your grotesque put on some clothes

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Looking at these pictures of Fergie on stage trying to show off her ass reminds me of a porno video i seen years ago (memories, memories) of a girl trying to pose for the camera man in a seductive way and the camera man keeps asking her to start, meanwhile she’s doing everything possible to turn the camera man on. It’s sad and terrible. I feel like Interscope Records is taking advantage of a former Meth addict, telling her to dress a certain way to sell records. It’s wrong, i tell ya wrong! But It’s all about money so i guess you have to smile hard to stop the tears. Better than being in Wild Orchid and doing songs for crappy Indie movies.

Katy Perry naked….You’ve never seen this

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Was Katy Perry really naked in her video for California Girls? That sounding like a total promo for Entertainment Tonight as they enter a commercial. I really have no attraction to Katy Perry. Yeah she has a nice body and all i just find her kind of annoying. Ain’t nobody happy like that! Write a song about how horrible life is! Did you hear about BP and all of those animals dying? What about the world ending in 2 years? Yeah i guess we should ignore the fact that God is coming in 2 years to rapture us good Christian people while she’s burning in Hell for kissing a girl, and get this my fellow God-fearing people…She liked it!!!

Will she bang a dog on video?

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I’m fascinated by Lindsay Lohan playing porn star Linda Lovelace in Inferno. This is really exciting for me because i love a girl with a filthy mouth while I’m sliding my huge 2 inch over-sized clit inside her. The really interesting part that I have no news on is will Lindsay Lohan do some sort of scene with a dog? Now I’m not dumb, i know Lindsay isn’t going to bang a dog but will they even bring up the fact Linda Lovelace did a video where she actually had sex with a dog? There is no way this movie will disappoint me, so Lindsay please don’t die. Well atleast until this movie is done, after that i could care less…Kidding…not really.



She rubs her vagina on stage

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Here’s some pix of Rihanna on stage trying to keep her audience happy because she makes horrible music and to further piss people off when I die i will be playing her album Rated R at my funeral. Seriously who listens to her music and likes it? Everytime i see her video on TV I instantly mute the TV, pull my pants down and wack it until my 14 inch wang bleeds and creates sores. The thought of me wacking it and using my blood as lube is more pleasurable than sitting there listening to one of her horrible songs that only gives the terrorist more reasons to hate us. Good job Rihanna, you killed us all.

I came and so will you

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Imogen Thomas is too good looking, painfully good looking. I’m starting to think Imogen Thomas doesn’t actually exist and this is only another example by the Illuminati to make girls feel bad about themselves that they cannot be this perfect. I’m kidding, she isn’t that good looking or maybe I’m thinking that way because i just blew a guy and i turned homo. Yum penis is good. What it’s Friday @ 11pm, go eff yourself.

It’s too small. That’s what she said

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Here’s a new promo picture for Christina Aguilera’s latest album. I’m sorry the picture is so tiny, that’s all that’s out there right now. Is this picture sexy or not because i can’t tell. Christina reminds me of those solo girl porn stars that take years to go naked and when they finally do it’s like who cares at this point? Christina dropped the ball with Dirrty. I was waiting on some sort of Sex Tape and now she comes back after having a baby? No thanks, a baby came out of there and vagina’s are weird enough.