Carmen Electra showing some great Side Boob

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Carmen Electra is one of the few Hollywood girls who even without makeup is still a hotty with a great body. Sure, she’s been around the block and is ratherpromiscuous. But who’s to say she wasn’t always a fan of licking other girls hoo-ha, and slobbing some knobs?

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Something sad about this

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carmenglasses2 [800x600]

I seen these pictures of Carmen Electra and instantly got depressed. I love how she’s looking all special and accomplished. I feel like I’m being mean here but i can’t help it. If i was a chick and looked like that I would be doing everything possible to get some attention, releasing a Sex Tape and going out Britney Spears style. Anywho lets give it up to the woman that has starred in Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans and Disaster Movie. Carmen is 38 years old FYI.

Boo we’ve seen it already!

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What’s next Jenna Jameson doing some teasing pix? Isn’t it kind of pointless to do these kinds of shoots when we’ve already seen you naked? Porn stars usually start off the first picture of the shoot like the above picture and at the end of the shoot naked spreading with sticky on the face, sadly this is all Carmen Electra gives us.

Don’t say TC doesn’t love you

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And now here’s the video of the Las Vegas topless show starring Carmen Electra. Hey don’t complain about the quality, it’s boobs right? Fake boobs but still boobs.

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Carmen Electra got bills to pay ya’ll

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Carmen Electra performed at a Las Vegas show topless! We all got bills so I completely understand. When i need money i usually just rob a Daycare center and knock a few kids over in the process, what are they going to do? Ha the future my ass.

Edit: Added the video!

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Carmen really goes topless for Maxim

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Mariah Carey huge boobs in concert

Kate Moss new nipple slip (NSFW)

Aylssa Milano nude pix (NSFW)

Natalie Portman stripping in a thong

Katy Perry has a nipple ring?

Brooke Hogan is now a stripper

Jennifer Lopez amazing boobs


Carmen Electra actually surprised me. She really went topless for Mexico’s Maxim magazine. When i hear ____went topless it’s usually them topless covering up but Carmen showed off her near perfect implants. I gotta give it to Carmen i’m actually shocked. Edit: After looking at the uncensored pix the implants look like implants, false alarm i thought doctors made an astonishing breakthrough that doesn’t make fake boobs look comically bad.

All of the uncensored pix after the jump gangsta.

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Yawn it’s boring now

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Is this even sexy to anyone anymore? The whole Pussycat Dolls thing too? Just take the damn clothes off already! Gotta do what you gotta do to pay bills i guess. Carmen Electra has done some crappy movies lately so i understand. Get your money skanky. Just stay away from the old Chinese men, they are into some weird stuff

TC gets around the net

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Heidi Klum topless- Ownage
Pamela Anderson drunken upskirt- Zumboo
Carmen Electra lesbian kiss- Link Humper