Lets start Monday with side-boob

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Ok i didn’t update Saturday or Sunday, can i have the weekend please? Thank you. No other Celebrity blogs update then anyway except Perez Hilton and he gets paid $2+ million a year. If i got near that i would be doing the same, well probably not because i would be having people doing funny stuff for money because i love degrading people which probably explains why even my mother won’t speak to me anymore. Anwho here’s Lindsay Lohan attended a Busta Rhymes concert. Question? Does Lindsay even know who that is? OMG he did that one song i love to get high to!

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Wow that’s kinda gay

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Rappers Busta Rhymes and Freeky Zekey was shown on video drunk as hell acting not very straight. I know when your drunk some people get very touchy with other people, i can’t really blame them cause i do the same, the only difference is i do it mostly with Vaginal Americans. Busta is a hip hop great so please don’t gangbang me…Whoo Ha!