Are you allowed to hit this in a fight?

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I’m not condoning hitting a woman which is exactly why I’m asking this question. What happens when a woman looks very man-ish and starts punching you like a man? Are you allowed to hit back even if you know your still going to get your ass kicked either way? I don’t think the cops would make fun of you, i actually think they would help you try to take that beast down. Now onto the Brooke Hogan bikini pix.


Jesus Christ Brooke is her mom

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We all know that the daughters eventually turn into their mom but does it usually happen when your 21 years old? What the eff is up with Brooke Hogan already?!?! Who do we blame here Brooke’s mom or the years of steroids abuse by Hulk Hogan? This really makes me feel bad about my own steroid abuse, then again who really cares I’ll be buff bitch! If my daughter complains I’ll throw her through my kitchen wall.

Brooke stripping now with video!

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TMZ has the footage of Brooke Hogan doing what she calls stripping on stage at some event. How much does that suck when you have a famous dad and you still can’t make it legitimately on your own? I’m not going to make a judgment since i know a stripper and she’s one of the nicest people i ever met, sure she smells like semen but she’s still really nice. Keep reading for the video.

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Daddy is oddly proud

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Brooke Hogan did a little concert a few days ago in Miami. What i find really sweet is her daddy Hulk Hogan showed up to support her daughter while she did her nice tasteful stripper routine. I’m still waiting for the pix with Brooke giving a lap dance while the Hulkster holds her thong while cheering her on.

Tranny in pink is on the loose

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Brooke Hogan was seen out with his brother the other day. Tranny’s are tricky people you have to be careful when approaching them, always be sure to check for an Adams Apple and they do a thing called “tucking.” Good luck.

Tranny on wheels

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Ladies and Gentlemen this is the reason that it’s wrong to do steroids and have kids, case in point Brooke Hogan. Do you know how bad it sucks for her knowing she can’t dress like a normal girl? She tried getting a boob job but that didn’t help, it only looks like she got into weight lifting and got more chest muscles.

His boobs aren’t even believable

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Brooke Hogan went shopping with his kinda-hotter friends yesterday showing her big fake boobs off. I hate really fake boobs, i mean so fake you want to walk up to the whore and just say COME ON what the eff were you thinking?! They don’t even look like boobs, it looks like the doctor just cut her open and stuffed some freckin’ deflated basketballs under there. You fail horribly dude. Only two pix thank Buddha for that


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I love how Tranny Hogan has a tramp stamp, that tattoo suppose to draw more attention to her ass but it’s kinda hard when your ass caves in! Grabbing that ass when your banging that must be impossible. Nick i’m sure does his best. Oh Snap! Yes i did.