Brooke Burke without makeup is… hidious!

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WITHOUT MAKE UP (above and below)


Do I really need to point out the differences? The Pictures speak for themselves. Damn that makeup! tricking men all around the world into believing some of these women still got it when they clearly lost it a long time ago.

Brooke Burke looking Marvelous in a Blue Dress

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Brooke Burke, one of the sexiest models in my lifetime showing off them amazing curves she still has. Those shoes with the big ass soles appear to be keeping her fit and looking like a legit hotty, even at her age where a lot of Hollywood chicks begin getting all wrinkled and fugly.

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Hot Fap material is here

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I found some super sexy footage to fap to and it’s on Youtube so you don’t have to feel all pervy like you do on Anywho it’s my favorite hottie hot hot Brooke Burke doing some sort of†exercise video, and you know who the real target audience is for these videos. OMG fast forward to 2:14, Brooke spanks herself, that’s when I finished…Just thought I’d share that little info. After watching the video I really thought it was a spoof video, only thing missing was the shake weight resting between Brooke’s God made implants.

Call me a homo all you want

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Call me a homo all you want but i will be watching Dancing with The Stars when Brooke Burke starts hosting soon. I can’t be the only one that use to beat it to Brooke years ago when she hosted Wild On, that was the greatest show ever for a 13 year old horny kid that would and tried sticking my tiny tiny penis into everything around.

Brooke Burke…Jesus Christ

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The absolute perfect Brooke Burke, with the looks of a Supermodel. Don’t lie how many times did you spill kids when watching her on Wild On? I was 12 when i started watching that show. That shiite spoiled me at 12, i’m still amazed half that stuff made it on the air.

Tranny Hogan in Playboy?

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There is some rumors out there that Brooke Hogan will be appearing in Playboy, or at least Playboy has made Brooke a offer. Anybody with me on cancelling my Playboy subcription?

There are a rumors going around about Brooke Hogan posing for Playboy in the near future. In Touch and Life & Style magazines are both reporting that Playboy has made the offer to Brooke, but thereís no word on whether she has accepted the offer or not.

The creepy thing is you know Hulk Hogan is gonna be in the background watching Brooke during her shoot, probably with a towel over his lap. Does anybody even have a desire to see her naked?

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Brooke Burke is still perfect

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Ahh Brooke Burke, i had some fun times with her in Junior High. Wild On! Was the perfect show for a horny kid, sweet boobs and Brooke’s perfect body. Bring that show back!

Brooke Burke half naked

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Brooke is such a underrated hottie
Brooke Burke half naked4Brooke Burke half naked3Brooke Burke half nakedBrooke Burke half naked5