Bobby Brown is homeless

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Down-and-out Bobby Brown is so broke that he’s been staying on friend’s floors, one of whom has captured the former R’n’B star passed out on their couch and posted it on the web.

Karrine ‘Supahead’ Steffans has posted an unflattering video of a bloated and unconscious Bobby sprawled out on her couch on her website.

Meanwhile, Bobby gives some further depressing insights into his sad life in an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine.

He reckons that someone’s out to get him following his split from Whitney Houston:

“Someone is trying to make me look foolish. And they’re trying to say I’m doing a book on Whitney and just different things, you know?”

How sad is that, the video would of been better if he was drunk on the street screaming that the end is near.

Bobby Brown is isane (VIDEO)

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In the new ITV show 24 Hours With…., airing in the U.K. starting next month, stars spend 24 hours locked in a room with a host called Jamie Campbell. Apparently
Bobby Brown slept with a kitchen knife next to him after the host joked about making ‘sex moves’ on him.
Kids, don’t do drugs.