The biggest dumbass…In The World!

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Bill O’Reilly blew my mind last night for the first time. In the video Bill…well just watch. Jesus Christ I’m amazed.

Video of the day

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This video is beyond harilious! It’s Lil’ O’ Reilly giving us the news Fair And Balanced. Gays, your dirty sex makes God send hurricanes! Classic Video. The hair is epic.

Holy sh*t Bill O’Reilly is insane!!!!!!!!!

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You probably already knew that but you gotta see this video of Bill during his “Inside Edition” days. He was reading off the teleprompter and flips the eff out. THIS IS PRICELESS!

Update: You knew Youtube would remove the video. Well Google owns it so is that a shocker? NEW VIDEO IS UP

Bill O’Reilly Goes Crazy – Watch more free videos

Bill O’Reilly is not racist!

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Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly said Wednesday his critics took remarks he made about a famed Harlem restaurant out of context and “fabricated a racial controversy where none exists.”

He criticized the liberal group Media Matters for America as “smear merchants” for publicizing statements he made on his radio show last week.

O’Reilly told his radio audience that he dined with civil rights activist Al SharptonNew York City. at Sylvia’s recently and “couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference” between the black-run restaurant and others in

I agree Bill O’ Reilly isn’t a racist, except for the whole separate water fountain thing. Just kidding don’t sue me.