Beyonce tears up, it’s my sinuses

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Beyonce performed At Last during Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama’s first dance, Beyonce teared up during the end of the performance.

After an introduction from actor Denzel Washington, Obama opened an informal speech at the Ball by saying ‘First of all, how good looking is my wife?’, prompting cheers from the crowd. After a short speech, the President and First Lady then danced alone on stage as Beyonce sang.

With tears in her eyes, the singer completed the song and joined the crowd in chanting ‘Obama! Obama! ’ before making way for performances by Stevie Wonder and more.

That was nice, now lets see what he can do.

Beyonce boobs do GQ

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Beyonce blessed the new issue of GQ Germany showing off her beebs. What’s up with Beyonce all of a sudden getting slutty in photo shoots? I don’t know if Daddy Knowles would approve of this, well if the money’s there then it’s alrighty! 300k per boob?

Nothing like camel toe in the morning

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Is this outfit really appropriate for NBC’s Today’s show? It airs at like 7am. When i wake up in the morning i don’t wanna see Beyonce’s camel toe when i’m getting my kid off to school and eating our Boo Berry. Keep it covered Beyonce, at least until i digest my Boo Berry.

Beyonce can make anything cool

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Beyonce concert flash

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Look how cool Beyonce is. That makes me want to make something out of paper and wear it on my head and pose like a jackass. Too bad that ridiculous thing cost more than my house probably.

Sasha Fierce just doesn’t give an eff

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Sasha Fierce doesn’t play by the rules or give a eff what you think, Beyonce on the other hand loves the kids and is very responsible. No she isn’t going crazy it’s just her alter ego. Some advice for the sane people out there, don’t try to do this in real life or you will get stares and a 48 hour visit to a place with soft walls. Only superficial celebrities are allowed to do this.

Beyonce does Rolling Stone Japan

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It’s probably not a new Beyonce photo shoot, don’t you hate when magazines do that shiite? I don’t think any magazine has the balls that Cosmo does by using pictures of Britney Spears from 5 years ago. Anywho Beyonce appeared in the December issue of Japan’s Rolling Stone, not fap worthy at all try again Beyonce.

We have a Black President and all but…

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Beyonce has met with bosses at DC Comics and Warner Brothers to discuss making her dream come true by playing Wonder Woman. Is that really a good idea? I mean she is lacking a certain thing and i don’t wanna be the one to say it, you know the lack of her being….talented?

Beyonce said: ‘I want to do that type of movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right? ‘I love Wonder Woman and it’d be a dream come true to be that character.’

Beyonce playing Woman Woman would be a Razzie Award waiting to happen. This has nothing to do with her being black, this has something to do with her being horrible on camera. If they really wanna hire a black actress to play Wonder Woman why not Jada Pinkett Smith? Seems perfect.

Beyonce, what the hell

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I love when models go on the runway wearing the most ridiculous shiite ever and swear it’s gonna catch on. If i ever see a chick out wearing that i will beat them with a bat constantly until i see the white meat and by white meat i mean my penis and by beating i mean banging. Except Beyonce, i’ll pass on that.