Beyonce Knowles Partying with no Make Up

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I can’t deny it, she still looks pretty damn good. Unlike a lot of these Hollywood girls who you take the makeup off and they look like they just crawled out of the Blue Lagoon. Which makes me wonder why the married a guy who looks like her played the part of the creature its self.

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It’s Beyonce

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I came across some new Beyonce pictures with her forgetting her bra. I always say that in a sarcastic way but in this case I’m sure she really did. I never got the Beyonce obsession most people have, I’m into black girls just not her. You can tell when she’s on TV all whore makeup’d up that she doesn’t look great when she wakes up in the morning. Nothing worse than a hot girl that looks disgusting while your kicking her out of your house in the morning.

I’m confused, is it sexy or not?

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Rihanna in see thru bikini

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Paris Hilton drunk showing ass

Hayden Panettiere lesbian kissing

Britney Spears nude outtakes (NSFW)

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Here’s some screenshots from Lady GaGa’s new video featuring Beyonce. I’ve been reading how some Church groups are upset that MTV or whatever stations that still videos are upset that they are playing this video because it promotes homosexuality. I’m a sorta fan of Lady GaGa but she tries way too hard and Beyonce is not good at doing the “GaGa” thing whatever that is. I do love that Church groups are upset though so Thumbs up for the video that I’m sure gives all the gays an instant orgasm.

Saturday…Why not?

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See how much i love you? We are updating on the weekend! See the other gossip bloggers are too busy getting lap dances in clubs on this early Saturday morning while doing blow off the bathroom counter. I’m here sitting at my kitchen table in my boxers touching my penis to the above picture. I wonder if those skrippers do tugjobs? Damn it probably! Anywho here’s Beyonce in the latest issue of FHM magazine…Now excuse me I’m going to vacuum and slowly cry.

Does she also do private parties?

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Britney Spears in small pink bikini

Mischa Barton flashes boobs in library

The teen whore on cam of the day!

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Paris Hilton in yet another leaked video (NSFW)


Here’s some Beyonce pix I’ve never seen before. I have no idea how old they are but she’s doing that dumb “Ring on it” pose so I assume it’s pretty recent. Speaking of “Ring on it” She’s married to a half-a-billionaire! Your not independent stupid! Ok I’m just jealous I don’t have a sugar daddy, I’d swallow the man gravy don’t judge me.

Christina Aguilera drunk lifting skirt

Sexy teen strips to thong

Rihanna in a thong on the beach

Jennifer Aniston first topless video (NSFW)

Shakira topless shoot

Lindsay Lohan famous topless photoshoot (NSFW)

Katy Perry topless on Twitter

Beyonce oops on stage

Penelope Cruz ass grabbed on the beach

Mmm Beyonce boobies

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Beyonce appeared at some award show looking like a chick that wants to get banged by this Blogger. Push up bra’s, i don’t care if they aren’t really that big.

Beyonce your doing it wrong!

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Somebody tell Beyonce your suppose to take off the shirt when you have a bikini top on. That reminds me of the fat girls who did that, it’s very uncomfortable when that happens. She’s uncomfortable and so am i. It’s even more uncomfortable when i keep bringing up how i can tie my shoes by myself and get up without sweating.

Beyonce does Ebony

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Tila Tequila out braless

New sexy Britney Spears pix

Vanessa Hudgens thong flash

The Hills star and her big fake boobs

Rihanna in a see thru bikini

Lindsay Lohan topless outtakes (NSFW)

Sexiest Newscaster Melissa Theuriau Topless (NSFW)

Beyonce posed for the new issue of Ebony magazine. She looks great but i’m still waiting for Ivory magazine to come out with Imus on the cover. I’m from the South and since Obama took office you have no idea how badly Ivory magazine is wanted. Whete Puwoer!