Bai Ling in a bikini bottom

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Well if it isn’t the worlds largest nipples on one of the worlds skinniest Hollywood girls most people have no clue exists. Its Bai Ling! :: plays game show music :: yes, you may wonder who the hell that is, but so does most people, even those who have worked with her! So don’t feel ashamed, its Big Nipples Link, I mean Bai Ling! Enjoy her flat ass in these bikini bottoms, which some how seems to look ok.

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Holy shizz Saturday…See you Monday

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It’s 4am and i ain’t doing nothing but raiding my kitchen looking for anything to eat, i ate some chocolate from Father’s Day of 07′ and 2 bags of popcorn. You might be asking why didn’t i go to the store and get something quick? Well if i drive I’m pretty sure i wouldn’t make it out of my driveway. So what’s the point of this post? There really isn’t one other than to ask what is up with these young girls that’s in their early 20′s with 3+ kids? Bitch go home seriously that shiite is disgusting, your out here flirting with 12 kids at home and your making me think i’m a bad person while my kid is home sick. Anyway here’s some new pix of Bai Ling….What? It’s the weekend!

Me shoplifted long time

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Horrible title i know. Anywho whore/actress Bai Ling was arrested for shoplifting two celebrity magazines and two packets of batteries.

The 41-year-old actress was detained by a store employee who summoned police, Holcomb said. She was booked for investigation of misdemeanor shoplifting and released after agreeing to appear in court on March 5.

Bai Ling is 41? Wow i thought she was like 20 something. You might be asking how does she look so young? Ancient Chinese secret

TC gets around the net

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britneygimmemore4.jpg kkplaboy.jpgjst.jpg
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rboob.jpg minka_kelly_upskirt_001.jpglohan.jpg

TC gets around the net

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TC gets around the net

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Bai Ling is very ladylike

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Bai Ling is being very ladylike, but you know chances are she’s not wearing panties. I for one am so not turned on by that.
Bai Ling is very ladylike