Who did she blow to get there?

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kimdress3 [800x600]

I was looking through the Emmy pictures and was shocked to see Kim Kardashian in them. How in the H did Kim Kardashian get an invite? Is everything in America even in Hollywood declining? Now we have porn stars on the Red Carpet and a bad porn star at that. If were going to have Kim Kardashian why not Carmella Bing? That’s a girl that can take it to the face like a pro. If not Carmella why not Bree Olson? Bree appeared in a episode as a babysitter on Keeping up with The Kardashian. Reality show my abnormally-sweet-backside.

Libraries blocked me? WTF? Well here’s Miley

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I got a nice email from a fan that says a public library block my website. Why? I don’t post nudity without a warning. That seriously pisses me off, well not really i just want to have a strong position against a library since I’m a High School Dropout. Is my website really that offensive? I’m proud in a bizarre way. Anywho here’s Miley Cyrus at some Awards show, this girl is 17 and looks like a 30 year old……..unattractive girl.

You go Britney!

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Britney Spears attended the Grammys last night and looked really good. I guess those rumors of her losing it again are false Thank Lucifer. You gotta be pulling for her in a weird way, she’s 28 with 2 kids and went though a hard time. Now lets hold hands and sing We Are The World.



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Lindsay Lohan attended the Golden Globes Awards after party looking meh. Notice i said the after party because she wasn’t allowed to attend the actual awards. The weird thing is she wasn’t even allowed to watch it on TV which i find sorta bizarre, I of course didn’t watch the Awards. Is there anything more boring than watching people win awards to movies I’ve never seen? I’d rather hear Sasha Grey’s acceptance speech for winning best oral sex scene.

Live from the 08′ AMA’s

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Yeah i’m not really there live or even watching it on TV. I’ll update you bitches with the latest pix when i get them.

First up is Christina Aguilera looking…. Well it’s good to see her i guess

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. I know that guy wants to throw a hissy fit for what she’s wearing, all wroooong hello!

Ali Landry looking sexy as hell, find a flaw on this woman i dare you

Ashley Tisdale confused why she’s not still blonde, i’m wondering the same

Miley Cyrus, wow aging is not gonna be great for her

Rihanna, i was hoping she would come looking great. When you have a 12head you suppose to cover it a little.

Fergie 2007 American Music Awards

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That’s the way to look at Fergie. Look how perfect she looks that way.

Hilary Duff – 2007 MTV Latin American Music Awards

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I feel like i should get a gay dude to talk about how horrible the outfits the celebrities wear at award shows. Like Hilary Duff here, my comment? She’s showing skin so it’s a winner!

Rihanna 2007 American Music Awards

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Not the greatest outfit for Rihanna, the cleavage saved her.rihanna-2007-american-music-awards2.jpg