Someone punched Avril

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That might be a assload of eye shadow i’m not positive. Who in the hell wears that much eyeshadow besides those depressing Emo kids? Since Avril got naked in Blender i forgive her.
Someone punched Avril 1Someone punched Avril5 1Someone punched Avril3 1

Avril gets naked for “Blender”

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And i just said yesterday that Avril takes boring pictures, i’m glad to be finally proved wrong. Flipping the cameras off everyday can get exhausting sometimes you just wanna flash your really really really small “boobs”
Avril gets naked for BlenderAvril gets naked for Blender5Avril gets naked for Blender4Avril gets naked for Blender3

Avril wants to act

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Avril Lavigne is desperate to showcase her acting talents but insists she will never make a romantic comedy.
The pop star hates “Mandy Moore style” films and would much rather follow in the footsteps of actresses Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie who starred in 1999′s quirky drama Girl, Interrupted. She says, “I can’t do a Mandy Moore kind of movie, a chick flick. I have to do like a Girl, Interrupted. I have to take my time and make the right choices.”
I don’t know why she’s dissing Mandy Moore “Movies” Mandy Moore has a silly little thing called talent. I know that really doesn’t matter though.

Avril takes boring pix

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Is it me or does Avril take horrible pictures, do something bitch besides flashing your middle finger.
Avril takes boring pix4Avril takes boring pix3Avril takes boring pix2

TC Sluts for the day

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Cindy Margolis Playboy pix (Cman)
Hurray for babes in lingerie! (Lax Time)
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Fergie’s heart shaped booty (The Feeding Tube)
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Jewel shows the rack off (Hollywood Tuna)

Avril spends 9 mil on home

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The dumbass singer who is like totally awesome spent 9.5 million on a home in L.A

Avril Lavigne and her rock-star husband have paid about $9.5 million for a home in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel-Air, the Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday.The three-story house, which 22-year-old Lavigne will share with Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, her husband of nine months, has eight bedrooms and 10-1/2 bathrooms.

Other amenities include an elevator, sauna and garage space for 10 cars, the newspaper said.

How does she have that much money to spend on a house, your telling me people actually buy that shit she calls music? Like totally!

Avril Lavigne: I’ll like punch any girl

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Avril has vowed to punch any girl that tries to take her husband.

Avril Lavigne has vowed to fight any girl who tries to steal her rocker husband Deryck Whibley.The SK8R Boi star is fiercely protective of her relationship with the Sum 41 frontman and has a warning for any groupies with designs on him.

Lavigne says, “If some girl was going after my man I’d punch them. I don’t think stealing any girl’s guy is a nice thing – it’s totally mean.”

It’s totally mean, like totally. Like i would be like Illin’ you know. Anywho I’m sure the girls are really fighting over this guy. Ha

Avril Lavigne Flashing

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Avril Lavigne Flashing3