Thanksgiving kicked my ass and a drunk Avril!

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Thanksgiving kicked the shiite outta me. I decided to eat after everybody else and me and my family was all having a good time laughing until they decided to go on the subject of enemas and diarrhea while sweet lil ol’ me is eating my dressing. Of course my uncle had to go into details about a guy he knows who lets his wife lick his booty. Anywho it’s 6pm and i feel like crap. Happy Thanksgiving bitch! Here’s Avril Lavigne drunk just cause drunk chicks are too easy.

Avril and Paris totally!

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How is Avril Lavigne still pulling this “punk” thing off? She’s 24 years old and married for Satan’s sake. I gotta give credit to Avril for sticking it out this long, most artist grow and do something else. It’s good to know she’s a married woman still pretending to be 13…..Tubular!

Cause she’s horny

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Avril Lavigne really got into the microphone on stage recently. It might look in a odd way sexy, but be careful where you put your tongue Avril just ask Hayden Panettiere (pic)

Avril in bikini

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Avril in a bikini without spitting on somebody or giving the middle finger? That’s different. Next thing you know she’ll put out good music, we can dream can’t we?

They are really good friends

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Sure Avril Avril Lavigne has “dissed” (Omg they are like soooo super lame!) Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and others in the past but seeing how her punk image isn’t selling anymore Avril started hanging out with
People who are famous who haven’t done anything. They’re just famous for being at Hollywood clubs or for dating people.”

The thing you have to remember with that kind of fame is it’s 20 seconds long. So really, I feel kind of bad for them.”

That was a Quote from Avril a while back, it’s amazing how time has changed.

Avril Lavigne 2007 American Music Awards

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It looks like Avril Lavigne is putting her middle finger away for the 07′ AMA’S. She can’t help it she’s such a punk!

Avril Lavigne is a whore for Halloween

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Now that’s a nice outfit Avril Lavigne is wearing. I wonder if she would be offended if somebody went up to her and asked her how much would it cost for a little sucky sucky?

Avril steals music

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Avril Lavigne is being sued by members of a 1970s rock band who claim her hit song Girlfriend rips off one of their tunes.
Songwriters Tommy Dunbar and James Gangwer alleged in a lawsuit that Lavigne and her co-writers lifted their 1979 song I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, which was originally performed by new wave band The Rubinoos.

“We are not so naive as to chalk it up to some sort of cosmic coincidence,” Dunbar said in a statement. “The lyric, the meter, the rhythm – they’re identical.”

The first court date has been set for August 28 in Oakland, California.

A spokeswoman for Lavigne declined to comment.

Hold up, hold up. Avril stole that song? She could of at least stole a good song. My neighbor busted in my house the other day when the song was on tv thinking that someone in my house was killing a dozen Valley girls