Aubrey O’Day Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder

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Aubrey O’Day’s Bikini pops off while at the Beach

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Based on half the other stunts she pulls, I wouldn’t doubt this being staged. She is constantly looking for a way to get in the media. Seems like yet another example of her trying to hard and failing miserably. Also, who cares? She was already nude in playboy. Seeing her nude is nothing new. A quick google search will show you all you want of her.

Aubrey O’Day once again dresses like an idiot

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Goodness, you can always tell this girl is desperate for attention by how she acts. Its almost as if she asks people with really nice cameras to act likepaparazzi, then walks outside with ridiculous outfits and absolutely no friends around. What exactly what she shooting for with this monstrosity any way? Mixture between a hippy and a slut? If that’s it, she pulled it off.

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Aubrey O’Day at a Pool Party, Looking like an Orange

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There is so many things wrong with her. One, her eyes are constantly open so wide it looks like she is trying to shoot laser beams at you. Two, who the hell brings dogs to a pool party? Idiot!, Three, how much bronzer did she put on? Geez, she looks like she’s about to star in a commercial as an orange. Four, why even wear a top when your tits are already out for the most part? Five, why the hell is she famous again? a failed girl band? Celebrity Apprentice where she lost to Clay Aiken and Arsenio? and was only kept on because Trump knew it brought in ratings because people despised her? I could go on,Aubrey O’Day is an idiot.

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Jesus just do porn and leave

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Aubrey O’ Day, i have no idea who she is really. I think she has something to do with P.Diddy and MTV. She has done Playboy and looks like Jenna Jameson, why Aubrey hasn’t combined those 2 talents is beyond my 2 inch dong. I could see Aubrey in a video where she is trying to sell a vehicle to a potential buyer but he is reluctant because….I don’t know, i know nothing about vehicles. Anyway she ends up taking a face full of man juice. He laughs and turns down buying the vehicle, the end is the greatest because Diddy busts in the room doing the Diddy bop as the credits run….



Look at me!

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Aubrey O’Day really knows how to get attention. Here’s a new picture she posted on her Twitter account. Attention whores can be fun but after a while it’s like calm down whore we get it, your going down on my dog now spit that out cause i doubt that’s sanitary. Not that Aubrey O’Day does that sort of thing.

Kourtney Kardashian ass spanked by sister in thong

Teens shaking ass on YouTube

Pamela Anderson nearly naked on the runway

Natalie Portman in thong giving lap dance

Eliza Dushku sexy video shoot behind the scenes

Lady GaGa showing it all on stage (NSFW?)

Teen teasing showing ass

Britney Spears upskirt in black dress

What the hell?

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So many things about this picture confuses me to the point of pulling the trigger with the gun in my mouth. Ok first off why in the hell is the girl blowing a kiss to Audrey O’Day like that? Why is the guy holding her hair back after she has already taken the load? I guess it’s one of those pictures where you have to name all the things wrong with the picture.

Hefner paid her $500,000 to get naked

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Playboy reportedly paid singer Audrey O’ Day $500,000 to pose nude for the magazine. Now i’m not saying it’s Karma coming back to get them for paying Audrey that much money and that’s the reason Playboy is going out of business. Ok i am, Hugh deserves public housing for being such a huge dufess.