Joseph Gordon Levitt says Anne Hathaway is an ‘insufferable snob’

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Well apparently Anne Hathaway thinks she’s just the shit. Apparently she hasn’t really looked in the mirror because she’s really nothing special. I’ve seen girls at wal mart who catch my eye more than her. With that said, here’s the story according to Joseph Gordon Levitt.

They may have been all smiles for the camera during TDKR press tour, but sources say that down-to-earth Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually can’t stand his costar Anne Hathaway. Joseph says she’s always acted like an insufferable snob toward him and that the awkwardness got so bad between them during filming that whenever she’d walk into a room, he’d have to immediately walk out of it.

“He thinks she’s a good actress, but he just doesn’t understand her ego,” says our source. “Also, Anne was very dismissive of Joseph early in her career. She even turned down a couple of jobs where she was supposed to act opposite him.”

But with this movie, she was actually at a disadvantage when he was cast because Joseph already had a long relationship with director Christopher Nolan. Regardless, Anne was as rude as ever to him – which really ticked him off.

“He wanted to make fun of how seriously Anne was taking herself and the role,” says a source. “He was too polite to point out to her that she was playing a cat in a comic-book movie, not actually saving the world,” the insider says.

Well, she acts like a bitch, seems like a bitch, must be a bitch. I believe him.

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Short Haired Anne Hathaway in a Bikini at the Beach

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Hey! Look! It’s Tom Cruise reenacting Top Gun, oh, never mind that’s Anne Hathaway. I’m rather puzzled why she lost weight, cut her hair this short, and now closely resembles a young skinny boy wearing a bikini, with what can only be considered bee stings where Anne’s chest seems to be. Quite a disturbing array of pictures. Tip to Anne, gain some weight, you looked way better back when you had at least some sort of meat on your bones.

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Anne does inStyle

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annestyleHere’s Anne Hathaway in the latest issue of InStyle magazine. I am loving the picture above. I’m actually surprised they let that picture in the magazine. Great news is I heard somewhere that Anne will be appearing topless in her next movie. I’m not sure whats the name of the movie or even if i imagined that in my head so eff off if I’m wrong.


Anne on Kimmel

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I haven’t posted anything about Anne Hathaway recently because of our brutal breakup that I’m still struggling with to this day. Anyway here’s Anne Hathaway on Jimmy Kimmel from yesterday. Anne is 27, why is she talking all proper? where’s the word “like” every other word?

I’m losing my Anne erection

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It was fun while it lasted but i think I’ve moved on from Anne Hathaway. She has just changed on me, i think it’s time for me to move on. I’m starting to notice things, it’s not her it’s me. I remember the first time my obsession set in 7 days ago, it was great. Who knows what the future holds for me and Anne. Maybe she’ll have a nude scene and…Let me stop thinking of excuses to come back, it’s never the same the second time.

Anne blah

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Here’s Anne Hathaway in the new issue of Instyle magazine. I love Anne more than any person in the world but this is just a horrible photoshoot. The face and makeup? I dunno, whoever tried to do something to her face should be fired and thrown in the oven. That’s not a Jewish joke, i love the Jewish people. I spent my weekend with my nice accountant who happens to be Jewish. I don’t see what’s so wrong with the powerful Jew stereotype. Look at the southern, black and women stereotypes. Well the women one’s are true, hahaha look at them in their little car trying to drive!

The wife does GQ

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I’m not sure why Anne Hathaway is everywhere these days, she’s probably not it’s probably because i search the internet 22 hours daily looking for pictures of her that i can print out and tape on my bedroom ceiling. I’m really looking forward to tonight, it’s like she’s watching me beat it to her which is totally hot. That face will be turned into a glazed donut in about 4 hours.


Tell me and I’ll stop

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I’m fully aware that i post Anne Hathaway pix nearly everyday. If your tired of seeing Anne do me a favor and…kill yourself? Or email me a great excuse why you don’t want to see her and I’ll post it for teh lulz. Honestly if you don’t want to see Anne you have a problem. Watch this scene and shut the eff up, you disgust me you dirty whore.