That’s a little weird

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Larry Birkhead spent nearly $3,000 at an auction. For what you might be asking? Could it be for some unique paintings? No it happens to be for Anna Nicole Smith’s lingerie she once wore. Larry stated:

“I have a lot of history I have to put together that she doesn’t really know about,” Birkhead told The Associated Press. “Playboy was such a big part of Anna’s career.”

“You know, it’s not something I can show today, but something down the road,” Birkhead said. “It’s not going to be in any bedtime stories anytime soon.”

Normal people pass some jewelry down or something. That’s some Redneck shiite right there.

Rich rich baby

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A judge ruled today that Anna Nicole’s baby daughter is the sole heir to her estate. That’s one rich baby.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff’s ruling also established a trust for Dannielynn that would be administered by Smith’s companion, Howard K. Stern, and Dannielynn’s father, Larry Birkhead.

Could someone lay that out in dumb ass terms? Cause i have no idea what that means. Anywho at the beginning i was pulling for Larry, now he’s just a giant douche and baby exploiter. For the right price you can attend Dannielynn’s birthday party, for an additional fee you can have your picture taken with her.

Larry Birkhead bought the baby?

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Cosby, formerly an anchor with MSNBC, has written what she says is a tell-all on the death of Anna Nicole Smith and the subsequent custody battle over Dannielynn.
Rumors are swirling about the book, Blond Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death, due out next week. TMZ has heard Cosby will say she has documents that prove Larry Birkhead essentially bought the baby from Howard K.
It can’t be true, i was pulling for this guy.

Anna wasn’t worth alot

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Anna Nicole Smith was worth just £358,000 when she died – and her gardener could be in line for a cut of the cash, court papers have revealed.

The Playboy model, 39, had £5,000 in personal property and an LA home worth £909,000 but had a mortgage of £556,000, her last will shows.

Her overdose on prescription drugs in February sparked a paternity battle over daughter and sole heir Dannielyn, eight months, won by her former lover Larry Birkhead.

Can any of my U.K peeps tell me how much £358,000 is in U.S Dollars? Anywho it states that her gardener could get some of the money, what the hell? Where is all the millions i thought she was worth? I remember hearing 100′s of millions. The fucking gardener shouldn’t be getting any of the money, the baby should get it all.

Paula Abdul is so Anna Nicole

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During a recent visit to QVC Paula Abdul was promoting her jewelery line (i know wtf) she acted extremely odd.

The American Idol host was supposed to be promoting her jewelry line but appeared to be having difficultly stringing a sentence together that wasn’t total gibberish.

That was when she wasn’t flailing her arms about like a mad woman or hiding behind a plant.

One viewer commented on the QVC message board, “I cannot in my wildest imagination understand how a show like the Q who usually has very articulate and talented guests on have someone who always appears spaced-out on something not to mention the crap she sells”.

That person that commented on Paula sounds like a hater to me. I love women with a little crazy with them, if she hasn’t tried to catch me on fire the first 6 months, this bitch ain’t worth it. Anywho there is no doubt that Paula pops pills or drinks alot, there’s being ditzy and there’s being high/drunk out of your mind and i think it’s the latter.

Anna’s mom dissed by the Judge

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Virgie Arthur’s last-ditch appeal to block Dannielynn’s biological father from leaving the Bahamas with the infant has just been denied.
The judge verbally and financially smacked Arthur, calling the appeal “weak” and ordering her to pay $3,000 in attorney’s fees for wasting the court’s time.
Oh snap that bitch just got owned! Return to Texas Virgie and cry about the money child you could of had.

Anna’s mom is annoying

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Virgie Arthur has filed an appeal, attempting to block Larry Birkhead’s ability to take baby Dannielynn to the U.S.

Arthur has objected to a judge’s ruling allowing Birkhead to take his little girl to the States, providing that he returns with his baby for a June 9 custody hearing.

Arthur’s appeal is unusual to say the least, since she is a grandmother who herself lives in the U.S. Ironically, she is the one who argued that Anna and Daniel be buried in Texas and not the Bahamas. Now, she wants Anna’s child to stay in the Bahamas.

There will be public court hearing tomorrow.

I thought this Anna bullshiite was over? And i thought Ms. Piggy was on Larry’s side? Somebody give this whore some Krispy Kreme donuts so the father can raise his child.

Howard K. Stern sues

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Oh boo freckin’ hoo someone said something bad about you. Howard K Stern is suing Anna Nicole’s mom’s lawyer.

Stern filed a federal slander lawsuit against attorney John O’Quinn, who represents Smith’s estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, accusing him of suggesting to reporters that Stern was responsible for Smith’s death.

According to court documents filed Friday in U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach and obtained by the Associated Press, O’Quinn appeared on several national TV shows to discuss the case in the days leading up to the medical examiner’s announcement of what killed Smith.

I’m thinking about suing these asshole’s who don’t leave comments on my site, you have the opportunity to talk shit about jackasses like Howard K. Stern. Expect to be served any day now.