Anna Faris behind the scenes with GQ

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Anna Faris blessed the April 09′ issue of GQ magazine. I found the video with behind the scenes footage on Youtube. It’s funny i’ve never looked at GQ and thought about grabbing lotion except that time Brad Pitt posed and that was a very confusing last week. Mmmm underboob is sweet.

Anna Faris does Arena

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Anna Faris posed for the new issue of Arena magazine. Sexy funny girls are really fun to have around but after a while it gets a little annoying. It’s like they have something to prove, we get it your hot and have a personality too now if you only swallowed i would be interested.

Anna Faris gone slutty

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Anna Faris on the set of “House Bunnies”
Anna Faris gone slutty2Anna Faris gone slutty3