Crack is bad mmmkay

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Amy Winehouse was told by her doctors that if she continues to do drugs she will die. Dang no beating around the George Bush on that.

Singer Amy Winehouse has developed the lung condition emphysema and has been warned by doctors that she will die if she continues smoking drugs, her father said in an interview on Sunday.

I just don’t see Amy Winehouse stopping. I can’t see her doing interviews clean talking about her past drug addiction, hopefully i’m wrong. Why does the people in music who are talanted have to be screwed up?

Umm gross?

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Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty share a nice sweet, crack cocaine fuming kiss. These two should of been married along time ago. So perfect together

Amy Winehouse dominated the Grammys

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I didn’t watch, so i’m ripping Yahoo News off. Anywho talented but crazy as hell singer Amy Winehouse won 5 Grammys and also performed (via satellite)

“I am so proud of this album,” Winehouse told The Associated Press in a statement. “I put my heart and soul into it and it’s wicked to be recognized in this way. I feel truly honored to be mentioned in the same breath as many of the artists present tonight and to win is even more amazing!”

Congrats Amy. Kayne West won 4 awards and performed with the word “Mama” cut into his hair.

Crack is wack

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The Sun obtained shocking footage of singer Amy Winhouse doing crack. Why do celebrities insist in doing dumb sh*t like this? Oh poor me, I’m a millionaire who people look up to.
Update: Amy has checked into rehab
Update II: Amy is not in rehab, the reports are false

They understand each other

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Former pop star and good looking whore Britney Spears bought Amy Winehouse’s album “Back To Black.” I just realized that sentence sounded so “Entertainment Tonight” Why is Britney’s nails so unclean? Tune in to ET tonight at 7pm, check your local listings.
The verdict?

Winehouse goes blonde

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Which one are you liking? Dark hair on a girl usually is my thing but on Amy the blonde looks better to me. Without the beehive where will the crack go?

Happy New Years

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It’s 2008 now, what is there to look forward too? Lets see, a new Paris Hilton sex tape. At least 10 Britney Spears’ panty-less upskirts, 2 Lindsay Lohan rehab visits, Amy Winehouse slicing her wrist ending her life (hope not). Jamie Lynn Spears’ having a baby with her 45 year old baby daddy and Kim Kardashian’s “fame” finally going away.
Happy New Years!!!!!

Amy Winehouse got her ass beat

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Bloody and battered after ripping into each other during a drug-fuelled row, this is Amy Winehouse, the cream of Britain’s young singing talent, and her junkie husband Blake Fielder-Civil.