Boobies!!! Gotcha bitch

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You really can’t blame Amy Winehouse for constantly showing off her new boobs. Sure they were horribly done, then again how many good boob jobs have you seen? Me being a porn addict I’ve been maybe 2 great boob jobs. You would think with technology advancing everyday we could have fake boobs that don’t look like you cut the boob off and inserted two Volleyballs.

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What the eff is that?

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Amy Winehouse Leaving The Fishworks Fish Restaurant (USA AND OZ

Being famous has to be a pain in the ass seriously. You have so many yes-people around you that don’t want to piss you off and say you look like a friggin idiot. How….how? How did nobody in Amy Winehouse’s camp not tell her she looks like one of those douches that hang out in clubs in their Ed Hardy t-shirt trying to convince me that the t-shirt is cool and they want to give me $100 to touch my penis. I’m sure my penis would only smear the fake tan and the only way i want a brown penis is if it involves a drunken Scarlett Johansson.

MC Winehouse in this bitch!

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Whoever leaked this video is my new personal hero, you really get to see the world of our favorite talent Amy Winehouse. Funny that she raps better than the criz-ap you hear on the radio.

Hotel scared Winehouse will drown

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The Hotel that singer Amy Winehouse stays at has banned her from the swimming pool worried that she will drown during a late-night drunken swim.

Now staff at the Cotton Bay complex, where the singer is staying, are so worried about her fondness for swimming when she is drunk, they have banned her from the pool.

A source tells British tabloid The Sun, “Staff have found Amy on a number of occasions collapsed on the grass by the pool after going for a swim. “There are concerns that one night she won’t be able to get out of the water and something tragic will happen.

She’s regularly drinking large quantities wine and rum and no one in her condition should be going anywhere near water”.

Drowning when drunk is that such a bad way to go? It’s better than being drunk off your ass hitting on the hot chick at the bar and getting shot by the crazy redneck husband. Ha rednecks make me giggle.

Crack…Crack…Got some crack? I’ll suck your d!k!

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This is getting really sad. I still don’t know how Amy Winehouse is still alive, i know the media are douches who exploit everything but look at her. I wonder if Amy Winehouse is at the top of the celebrity death pools? If not i’ll throw in $500, it’s between her and Andy Dick.

Crackhead with nice boobs

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How eff’ed up is this? How in the hell does a crackhead have sweet boobs? Anywho Amy Winehouse went topless at the beach. Jesus i shoulda censored the face. Keep reading for the uncensored.

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Death is knocking

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OK! Magazine is reporting that Amy Winehouse is days from dying in related news the sky is blue.

Fear Amy Winehouse could be days from death after spotting her staggering home from her local pub. The drug-raddled singer is 25 but appeared haggard, filthy and painfully thin as she turned up two hours late for a stint as a DJ.

She was so weak and frail, she struggled to walk unaided as she left the Monarch Pub in Camden, north London, in the early hours of yesterday. She had to be supported by minders and friends.

It doesn’t take Miss. Cleo to figure that out, that’s like saying gunshots causes death or unprotected sex with Paris Hilton causes burning pee.

Look out crackhead is attacking!

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Amy Winehouse performed at the Glastonbury Festival infront of 75,000 people. Of course her performance was horrible but it went even worse when she started swinging those track marked arms at a fan.

Her spokesman says it was because they tugged at her beehive!

There is no way i would touch her. There is like a 75% chance you could get a STD or AIDS, kids remember if you come in contact with Amy always wear a condom