I’d bang Alanis Morissette…What?

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I was a fan of Alanis Morissette when i was younger…What? I was! Come on if your in your early 20′s like i am then you remember the angry, pissed off Alanis. How sexy was that? Now she’s like the sweet girl. I want the old Alanis back, the girl that would possibly stab you during sex. Ahhh the 90′s, when everything made sense. Before bills and responsibilities…Welp i’m gonna listen to some Hootie and the Blowfish and play Donkey Kong. The Sonic ad that showed up above is teasing me like a sexy ass virgin with aids.

How they have fallen

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Singer Alanis Morissette revealed when she went on tour with Vanilla Ice in 1991 she was demanded not to look at Vanilla Ice directly in the eyes.

‘I was instructed not to look him in the eye and that was my first experience of honouring someone’s privacy to the point where you look away when they come near you,’ she told Virgin Radio.

Wow and to think he now bags my groceries and even takes them to my car for me, nice guy. He’ll get a kick out of this old story. I’m just kidding as everybody knows he doesn’t bag groceries, he works as a Fluffer in the adult industry.