Marlon Wayans as Richard Pryor? Hmmm?

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Comedian Marlon Wayans is set to play legendary funnyman Richard Pryor in a new biopic. This seems like a really bad idea and i love the Wayans.

A string of Hollywood heavyweights are lining up behind the project, which will be directed by Dreamgirls’ Bill Condon and produced by Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Pryor’s widow Jennifer.

Condon is currently in negotiations with Columbia Pictures and Sandler’s Happy Madison company and hopes production on Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? can begin next spring with a budget of $20 million (13 million), according to Daily Variety.

If the deal is done, it will conclude a long battle for Condon, whose plans to cast Eddie Murphy in the lead role collapsed when a number of studios rejected the stars’ pay demands.

It made sense for Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor because Eddie in his prime was a genius. Speaking of which Eddie really needs to do a new standup, stop with all the eff’in kids movies damn it!

Breaking News: Adam Sandler broke his ankle!

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I’m sorry to bring you this terrible news but actor/comedian Adam Sandler broke his ankle while playing basketball with his friends. Please send your prayers to Mr. Sandler during this horrible time. This news had to important news cause it’s on the main page of Yahoo when i check my mail.