I’m jumping out the window!!!

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Marie Osmond’s 18 year old son killed himself it’s being reported after jumping from his apartment building.

Entertainment Tonight reported on its Web site that Blosil jumped to his death Friday night from a downtown Los Angeles apartment building.

Officers responded to an apparent suicide jump in the area, but the victim was not identified Saturday, Los Angeles Police Officer Gregory Baek said.

“My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time,” Osmond said in the statement.

Ok the title and everything was a bit much but humor helps everything trust me. My thoughts and blah blah blah goes out to the family.

Nice distraction from the face

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Here’s some new pix of Fergie doing her little concert thing, you gotta read the terrible reviews. I’m sure those people are just haters and songs like Imma Be really is popping, crunk or whatever they call it. If i wanted to hear some ratarded sounds I would watch I Am Sam or turn on American Idol. Can this whole White Girl talking black phase hurry up and end? Or maybe put the Jersey Shore cast and The Black Eyed Peas together in one room and play Russian Roulette, the great part is the gun is full.

Britney turned the clock back

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Did i slip myself too many Ruffies or does Britney Spears look really really great here? Sure it’s 4:30am and I’m literally bouncing off the walls but it seems like Britney has turned herself around completely. Ok i didn’t post all of the pictures, she still looks really hot in the one’s i’ve posted though. Keep it up Britney. Now why am i sweating so much and why is my dog asking me for advice about asking my cat out?

Another Sex Tape nobody cares about

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A new celebrity sex tape is being shopped around the porn community — and the person peddling the tape says the star is Rozlyn Papa from “The Bachelor.”

Celebrity site TMZ reports that such a tape is being shopped around the porn industry. Kevin Blatt, a representative from LiveJasmin.com told TMZ he’s seen the tape and “it’s definitely Rozlyn.”

I’m not a homosexual so I’m not aware of who Rozlyn Papa is so I’m not really excited to see her get nailed on video. How exciting can it be though? If she’s not banging a horse while denouncing America is it something we haven’t already seen before?

Nice ass, sweet penis

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I’m really starting to wonder what else Lady GaGa is going to do? How much further can she take this whole act? I heard she’s going to wear a fake penis on stage in a new concert. I got an idea, how about pulling one of her fans on stage and bang them with the strap-on? Or bring a Preacher on stage and forcefully penetrate him with a crucifix? Come on. This shocking act needs to be stepped up.

Rihanna is a slut who loves her nipple ring

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Rihanna’s friends call her a whore & slut, that’s not me calling her that…. Anywho Rihanna stated that her nipple ring has improved her sex life.

Rihanna admits having a nipple ring makes sex more enjoyable.

But the singer, 22, insists that’s not why she had the piercing done.

‘I didn’t know that until I got it,’ she told Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

‘I didn’t really do it for sexual reasons, I just did it because it looked kind of cool.

‘I wanted a piercing there, and then [it was like]…surprise!! It’s fun.’

Rihanna also revealed her friends have interesting nicknames for her.

‘They call me ‘ho, slut, bitch…’ she joked.

That has to hurt Chris Brown a little bit hearing his ex talking about her sex life. What a whore..te-hehe I’m totally kidding!

Ok so she isn’t perfect

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I found some new pix of Supermodel Joanna Krupa on the internets and wow High Quality pictures are sometimes a bad thing. I’m sure those lips do wonderful things while under a heavy GHB dosing from me but those things are too much. TC….We ruin the image of the sexiest women.

I bet Fergie gets gangbanged

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Looking at these Fergie pix during her concert got me thinking i bet Fergie has had a few gangbangs with the guys from Black Eyed Peas. Think about it, looks how she’s dressed, the long rides on the tour bus. You know they’ve done some crazy stuff. Fergie banged by 5 black guys at once. That might be why she talks so black these days.

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