I’m not gay or anything…

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli

Here’s some new pix of Bar Refaeli (Google Spell check FTW!) and her boyfriend Leonardo Dicaprio. Now I’m far from gay, i love tagging the ladies and blah blah blah all that talk but when i seen Titanic and The Departed i thought Leo could touch it if he wanted to. You know like i seen him at a movie theater and i act like i kind of know him and tell him he did great in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Leo responds with “Thank You, you know Bar Refaeli never wants to play around in a movie theater” and i interrupt him and start taking off his pants, then I’m arrested because he was only asking if my girlfriend is like his. Now not only was i turned down by Leo Dicaprio but my girlfriend wont talk to me either.

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