Reunited and it feels soooo good

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There are reports that Brad Pitt is ready to split with Angelina Jolie and get back together with Jennifer Aniston.

“Brad longs for the serenity and fun he had in his life when he was with Jen and he can’t wait to get back together with her,” a source told Now magazine.

However, Jen, who split from the actor in 2005, is said to have stipulated that she would only reunite with Brad if he left Angelina.

“Jen’s made it ?clear she’s not interested in talking to Brad until Angelina’s out of his life,” the source said.

Jennifer noooo! Don’t do it! The best thing in life to do is when a ex wants back you kick them when their down and laugh that they have to raise a kid alone with a crappy job. Shouldn’t have eff’ed up you bad bad person.

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