Hotel scared Winehouse will drown

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The Hotel that singer Amy Winehouse stays at has banned her from the swimming pool worried that she will drown during a late-night drunken swim.

Now staff at the Cotton Bay complex, where the singer is staying, are so worried about her fondness for swimming when she is drunk, they have banned her from the pool.

A source tells British tabloid The Sun, “Staff have found Amy on a number of occasions collapsed on the grass by the pool after going for a swim. “There are concerns that one night she won’t be able to get out of the water and something tragic will happen.

She’s regularly drinking large quantities wine and rum and no one in her condition should be going anywhere near water”.

Drowning when drunk is that such a bad way to go? It’s better than being drunk off your ass hitting on the hot chick at the bar and getting shot by the crazy redneck husband. Ha rednecks make me giggle.

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