Stay away from my man!

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The woman that attacked actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 2005 has finally been arrested. That’s what you get whore, touch him again and i’ll write about you on my little blog!

Aretha Wilson is being held by Canadian officials for extradition to the US, according a police source.

Wilson is alleged to have attacked the Titanic star after approaching him at a party thrown by producer Rick Salomon in four years ago.

The attack left DiCaprio needing 17 stitches – 10 to his ear and seven to his neck.

An arrest warrant was issued for Wilson a month later, on one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

In certain cases is Chris Brown’in a bitch such a bad thing? Especially when you get 17 stitches. I think anything over 5 stitches should legally allow 2 punches to the face/throat.

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