Joss, Aguilera will sleep with you for beats

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I have to go buy some music equipment now. Music man Dallas Austin has stated that Pop stars like Joss Stone and Christina Aguilera would offer sexual favors for his skills on they’re album. christina-aguileras-lips.gif
The Grammy-winning songwriter – who has produced songs for MICHAEL JACKSON, MADONNA and TLC – accuses the singers of being so desperate to work with him, they would offer their bodies to him and his friends – including Aguilera’s now husband, JORDAN BRATMAN. In the interview with Rowdy TV, the 36-year-old reveals details of his friends’ sexual exploits with the female singers and alleges the AIN’T NO OTHER MAN star fantasised about having a threesome with him and Bratman. Austin produced tracks on Aguilera’s STRIPPED LP in 2002, when Bratman headed the A+R department at his DARP record label. He says, “Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone… all these bitches be f**kin’ for tracks. “You go in the studio with the regular girls like CIARA and them, they just want to get their work done. F**k all these bitches f**kin’ for tracks!” In the controversial interviews, Austin claims Stone, 19, had sexual relationships with former LUCY PEARL singer RAPHAEL SAADIQ and rapper/producer NOVEL while she recorded her latest album INTRODUCING JOSS SONTE.
As much as i would like to believe this, i don’t. If you want to make a statement about someone do you really have to say “All these bitches fuckin’ for tracks.”

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