Jewel finally got some new teeth

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That’s always been one of her downfalls. She looks much better now.

Sarah Harding eating a snake

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Beware snakes,Sarah Harding will eat your fucking face if she gets within a certain vicinity. Don’t question me you dumb fuckers this pic proves it all. You can find several more if you click the picture seeing her eat yourbrethren.

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Hayden Panettiere looking sexy as ever

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I’ll be honest, I always thoughtHayden Panettiere was pretty sexy, but she’s become way to skinny in recent times. Apparentlyshe has folded under the pressure of Hollywood and become yet another skinny ass Hollywood chick who needs to stop listening to what everyone else is saying and go back to just being hot.

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Britney Spears tits are really stand out, literally

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Well damn britney! You’re looking pretty tittacular at the monent. Normally I would criticize everything else but damn. Why bother when your tits are looking so fucking spectacular. Whats the point of saying anything else when I need to run and grab some more photos of these tittays!

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Britney Spears posts a bikini picture of herself on twitter

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Not really sure why she would post this? We’ve already seen way more than this. I mean, sure she looks pretty good. But it kinda looks like she’s sucking in a little gut? Perhaps I’m just being overcritical and she’s actually not. But, umm.. yeah. Thanks Britney?

Sofia Vergara stretching her new shirt out with her tits

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Those tits are making my eyes refuse to scroll anywhere else to see whats going on on the interwebz. Seriously. Damn. What’s the elasticity of that shirt? Because judging by itstensilestrength to hold in those massive jugs, its probably close to the strength ofKevlar.

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Holly Madison is preggers, just barely showing

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Doesn’t matter if preggers, still hot as fuck! Holly Madison is one of those women who can manage to make even the ugliest shit look sexy as fuck! Not that I’m a big fan of pregger chicks or anything, that’s just weird. But she does seem to look glowing in these pictures. Perhaps its just the lighting.

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Kristen Stewart impersonating Axl Rose

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Sometimes, and I do mean sometimes, Kristen Stewart looks decent. However the majority of the time I wonder how the hell they make her look so decent because on average, she’s below average. Makes you wonder how much makeup it takes to make her look hot.

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