Miley is back on Twitter Ya’ll

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Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter people! How is exciting is this?!?! As soon as I read the news I lost it in the middle of Hot Topic while shopping (I got the Miley alert on Google News.) First thing I did was quickly paid for my Ironic T-shirt andheadband then went to see what Miley was up to. She posted a few new pictures, hahaha Miley with a mustache! Get it? She’s a girl! Girls don’t have mustaches!!!

And And Twins!!!

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CoCo and her sister took to Twitter to show off some booty. Now It’s a fact that CoCo has the best Twitter in the world and saying the word Twitter makes me feel like I need penis on and around my lips. Anywho I also added a video of CoCo and her sister on Ustream (below) from a few months ago, in the vlog they show some skin and also kiss in the end. They kiss for like a half a second so it’s frustrating to keep fapping and scrolling back to watch it. It’s like watching internet porn in the late 90′s on dial-up and those 10 second preview clips. Ahhh Sublimedirectory you taught me well.

CoCo updates Twitter!!!

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Thank goodness CoCo updated her Twitter with some pictures. I learned a new fact about CoCo, i did not know she had a tongue ring. How lucky is Ice-T seriously? It pisses me off how lucky he is. She’s like the perfect girl. When she talks she isn’t annoying, oh and her body is ridiculous. I never met a girl with those two things going for her. If she isn’t annoying and can clean my house perfectly i would even take that…I’m desperate.

Twitter is also sum biatches

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CoCo posted the above picture on her Twitter and the gey’s at Twitter deleted the picture because it was too “racy.” What the hell? Doesn’t porn stars post nude pictures on Twitter all the time? I thought you could post fully nude pix on Twitter if you wanted?

My two favorite Twitters

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Adrianne Curry and CoCo posted new pix on their Twitter. I catch crap from my friends for talking about Twitter and sure i cry about it but i can come home and enjoy CoCo’s boobs so who’s the loser now? Adrianne Curry also posted a new topless picture on her Twitter. Well it’s not topless, you get the point. So who has the best Twitter? I’m going with CoCo…for now.

Michelle Branch is beautiful

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Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch posted this new picture on her Twitter. Is it me or does she look like Wife material? My favorite thing on a girl’s body is her face and Michelle has something, i don’t know what it is but it’s something that I’m totally loving.

Who has the greatest Twitter?

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Adrianne Curry posted this new picture on her Twitter. Now I’m thinking outloud and asking random people on the street which celebrity has the best Twitter? Firstly I’ve learned most people on the street don’t know what a Twitter is and secondly they have sharp knives in the hood. I still think CoCo has the greatest Twitter and Adrianne is a close second.

Twitter, your personal porn site

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CoCo is posting new pix on her Twitter account all the time, here’s her latest. I would advise you to follow her but i don’t know if she is one of those people that throws out life advice all the time and explains how hard her life really is. Anyway the posts for today have been shorter because my internet went totally Clay Aiken on me, meanwhile my part-time bitch is being a dumbass. I swear if i enjoyed suppositories i would be gay then again i’m sure gay couples go through the same BS. Mmmm pills you understand me. You don’t want quality time, you just want peace of mind for aminute.

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