Tiger you doofus

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I’m trying to bring the word Doofus back. Anywho Tiger Woods and his wife are filing for divorce in Sweden.

Nordegren is expected to move back to her native Sweden and any divorce settlement is likely to be filed there in order to keep any details private.

Woods is reported to have hired a lawyer who specialises in international child custody battles, an issue that is expected to be one of the key points in any divorce proceedings.

Nordegren is expected to receive around 200 million in the settlement, though details of any division are likely to be kept out of any court filings.

I was saying the whole time that Tiger grew up a nerd, he couldn’t help it! Dude knew with the money he has he could get any girl he wanted to make up for being the loser he was and vagina he didn’t get as a teen. Now he loses hundreds of Millions. Whatta dork, everybody point and laugh.

Wow what does she know?

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Tiger Woods paid one of his mistresses $10 million to shut the eff up. Wow you know she has some insane stories that i would love to make-up but I love my freedom so I’ll shut up for free.

TMZ has learned the actual settlement could fluctuate $1 million either way, depending on future circumstances. But the baseline is $10 mil.

Compare Rachel’s settlement with what other A.M’s received, if they got anything at all. We’re told several mistresses got several hundred thousand dollars, and others got nothing. That speaks volumes about how much Rachel knows.

$10 million?!?! that is insane. One of the mistresses released some of Tiger’s text where he talked about pissing on her and she got nothing. Imagine what this girl has. Did he admit to killing somebody or something? Jesus Christ, for $10 million i’ll be quiet and blow you for the rest of your life and then show up at your funeral and bang you infront of your family.

Tiger Woods is cumming

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According to reports Tiger Woods will be making a comeback to the golf course in two weeks.

Woods is “poised to make a shock return to competitive golf” in the upcoming Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona, according to the Herald Sun of Melbourne, which did not cite a source.

The top spokesman for the PGA Tour would not confirm the Herald Sun story.

“We have no comment,” Ty Votaw said.

What a nerd Tiger Woods is. I kind of love the fact that Tiger is a loser that has made a billion dollars and can bang any girl he wants. My plan is a little different though, you don’t marry a woman you ratard. You hang out with every girl and kick them out the next day. Hopefully Nike doesn’t fire me too, speaking of Nike you would think they could parody the Tiger Woods situation with their slogan in some way. I smell a lame SNL sketch very soon.

Oh whatever!

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Tiger Woods has entered a Sex rehab center guys!!! This is so gay, how come everytime a celebrity does something stupid they have to enter some kind of rehab? The coolest rehab center ever? The Spiritual Rehabilitation that Ted Haggard entered after being busted having gay sex with a hooker while on Meth.

The golfing ace sought treatment in December after details of a number of alleged affairs emerged.

RadarOnline claims that the father-of-two is being treated at a clinic in Hattiesburg which is directed by Dr Patrick Carnes, who has pioneered treatment for sexually compulsive behaviour.

Patients normally spend up to six weeks at the centre, with treatments including group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and shame reduction.

Lolz “Shame Reduction” is there a rehab for everything? Gotta make money somehow i guess. I wonder what shame reduction is and how they cure being ashamed? I have a small penis how do i get over that?