Get it? Because she’s really a whore!

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Porn Star and whore that I beat it to twice Sasha Grey will be starring in a movie as a Christian teen who wears a purity ring and refuses sex before marriage.

Writer/director Richard O’Sullivan says, “We toyed with offering Sasha another sexier role in the film, but she fell in love with the idea of playing against type, portraying the exact opposite of what the public perceives her to be.”

It’s not Grey’s first non-porn movie – the 22 year old star won rave reviews last year (09) for her lead performance in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience.

Ironically, top Christian film star Christina Cupo will also play against type – as a heavily pierced and tattooed goth girl with a fondness for sado-masochism in the movie.

I have to admit that is pretty funny. I still don’t get why Sasha is getting so much mainstream attention? Doing a image search for Sasha is so much fun trying to find a picture without semen or black penis covering her face.

Wait….I don’t get it

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Hollywood’s favorite porn star Sasha Grey appeared in the nude Peta ad campaign. Is it weird that a porn star is teasing us? We’ve already seen her gag on 5 black guys at the same time but i still want to see that damn nipple! Wow at the things that has been inside that ass.

Why does she get attention?

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Sasha Grey really has been getting alot of attention lately on Gossip blogs, why? She’s not the greatest looking porn star out there. I think that title belongs to Tera Patrick probably (pre-tattoos & boob job.) Girls who get crazy with tattoo’s are so retarded and i don’t mean hahaha they’re crazy i mean something is seriously wrong with them. Have you ever had sex with a girl that has 5+ tattoo’s? It’s confusing as hell because i have ADHD so I’m constantly trying to read all of the tattoo’s and figure out the meaning. Lulz i love the top picture, she totally deserves that award.