He can’t be this stupid

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I honestly believe the people in the media say things they really don’t believe case in point Rush Limbaugh who commented on Michael Jackson’s death:

“I have an observation about this Jackson thing,” Limbaugh began on his radio show Wednesday. “Jackson’s success paralleled the rebound of the United States under [Reagan]. Jackson’s biggest successes took place the in 80s … He flourished under Reagan, he languished under Clinton [and] Bush, and he died under Obama.”

Then he added, cryptically: “Let’s hope this parallel does not continue.”

I can’t help but to laugh. Wow i say shiite to piss off stupid people that don’t realize i’m joking 99% of the time, i guess there really isn’t a line you can cross. So anywho you hear about that Jesus guy? Come on don’t leave him hanging you know about him.