Kim says no more sex tapes….unless….no!

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Kim Kardashian tells Cosmopolitan (WTF am i doing?) that she will never make another sex tape because she learned from her past mistake. That damn Ray-J.

The reality star’s saucy home movie with ex-boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007.

I was devastated, but when something negative happens, I pick myself up and move on,’ Kim, 28, tells Cosmopolitan.

I don’t make the same mistake twice.’

Somewhere Reggie Bush is waiting in an alley for Ray-J to kick his ass for ruining his chance to make a sex tape with Kim. Sex Tapes in general are overrated anyway. Have you ever tried to make a sex tape? Believe it or not when you pull out your camera girls aren’t exactly into that like the videos on the internet show us. While she’s shy about showing her vag on camera I’m trying to hold the camera and keep her legs spread and she starts bleeding, not because my junk is so big it’s because she’s on her period and apparently I’m not the sensitive boyfriend that should respect that. So my sex tape ends up looking like a re-creation of the Sharon Tate murders.