Put Playboy out of its misery please

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The newest person to pose for the Playboy has been announced, the person? Marge Simpson. Yes from The Simpsons.

Cartoon favourite Marge Simpson is going to be a Playboy cover girl, according to US reports. Blue-haired Marge is set to be on the front of the November issue of the menís magazine to mark the 20th anniversary of the Simpsons.

Playboy chief Hugh Hefner has previously teased on Twitter about a possible Marge-Playboy collaboration.

Uhhhh i hate Playboy so much, your not cutting edge anymore give it up. When you can see a video of a sexy whore getting banged on a public beach while you get off to it only to realize the sexy girl was actually a Tranny, now a girl with fake boobs and hella airbrushed doesn’t even make my pants move anymore. Catch up Playboy.

CoCo in Playboy *VIDEO*

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CoCo posted a new video of her shooting for a upcoming issue of Playboy. Funny how watching this video (Below) you’ll see more than you will in the actual magazine. Yeah I’ve never been a fan of Playboy, really what’s the point? Sure it made more sense in the 90′s. Is Playboy really going to be around in 5 years? Anybody wanna bet on that? Speaking of which will Hugh Hefner even be around then? Congrats CoCo and now i will ponder how the hell Ice-T pulled that off.

Keep reading for the uncensored video.

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Playboy is some bitches

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Kim Kardashian posed for the April Russian edition of Playboy Magazine, wait never mind Playboy just re-published Kim’s old pictures from 2 years ago. I don’t blame Hugh Hefner it’s hard for Playboy right now. Going from 4 girlfriends to just two? That’s terrible for a 82 year old’s self esteem. In unrelated news Hugh is selling his wife’s house who lives next door.


Hefner paid her $500,000 to get naked

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Playboy reportedly paid singer Audrey O’ Day $500,000 to pose nude for the magazine. Now i’m not saying it’s Karma coming back to get them for paying Audrey that much money and that’s the reason Playboy is going out of business. Ok i am, Hugh deserves public housing for being such a huge dufess.